Cooking Date can certainly Turn on the Flames.

Mar 05, 2019

Cooking Date can certainly Turn on the Flames.
Cooking Date can certainly Turn on the Flames. | Photography: Hindustan Times

Are you looking for the prince who will sweep you off your feet? Well...there is something you need to know while you are looking for Mr. Right. Choosing a guy can be complicated.

If you are looking for some spice and everything nice, then, read on. Typically, women look out for good looks, sense of humour, or confidence. Well, I must admit that these are definitely the traits I particularly look for in a man, however, I admire a man with the ability to cook!

A man who knows his way around the kitchen, definitely knows how to make you swoon!!

Men, if you are in the dating pool out there and you think being a rock star gets you the girls, errr.....Nope! A real woman prefers a guy who is a rock star in the kitchen. Trust me when I say, being a hero in the kitchen will have a better impression than a bouquet of roses.

Dating a man who loves his spices and knows his way around cuisines will surely keep you fed for life. A man who admires the needs of the taste buds is more sensitive and will leave you enticed with various aromas. ?

If you find a man who is making you melt like butter for his grace, then melt away... Give in! You will be surprised at his gentle masculinity that will make you feel so powerless.

Date a man who cooks, for he will stir love inside you so gracefully, and you will definitely love him more for that.

Find a man who cooks, date him, or better, marry him!

Let's cut to the chase straight away and learn why you should date a man who cooks:

He is sensitive

Men who cook on dates, display subtleties of romance, knowingly or unknowingly, while preparing a meal. If he cooks with the ingredients that you love, then he is already taking interest in the things that are important to you. Putting effort to cook during your one-on-one time is kinda sweet, isn't it?

He is creative and artistic as well

Now, that's a catch! Who doesn't love a man who has a talent for art and who doesn't fall for a man who can express himself through many of his creative endeavors?

He takes interest in small details

Cooking is an intricate art and it takes very little to get a dish amazingly tasty and the same little amount to make the dish disastrous. Be sure, that this man will take the same of amount interest in understanding little details about you!?

He is a pro at multitasking

A man that cooks is interesting, he creates a curiosity that will lead you to want to know more about him. It will make you wonder with all his amazing skills, what else he could accomplish.

He is realistic

He is realistic, he knows his limits and is still not afraid to experiment. He has the skill to gather ingredients, coordinate articulately and put together a meal for you. He is practical and can understand a real situation, and hence, he will be great at dealing any stressful situations that come along during a relationship.

A man might not be good at demonstrating his sentiments with words, but when he is good at cooking, it instantly demonstrates his feelings. They are also great problem solvers and might not follow a list or a recipe.

Also, cooking and experimenting together can be a whole lot of fun. So, all you single ladies out there, next time you meet a guy, jump straight to finding out if cooking falls under his hidden hobbies and have some great fun! For those men who don't know to cook even maggi, it’s time to start honing your cooking skills.