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Five apps and Plenty of hive-fives: Fitness apps to keep you Light!

Sep 11, 2018

Five apps and Plenty of hive-fives: Fitness apps to keep you Light!
Five apps and Plenty of hive-fives: Fitness apps to keep you Light! | Credit: Idownloadblog

The best gift you can give for yourself is being fit. Having a work–life balance has become really difficult these days, and we do not have time for anything or even for ourselves. We wanted to be in shape and look younger, but we don’t have time to step into the gym for an hour of workout. In the end, we are stressed and end up with a lot of health issues. Remember, your body should be given equal attention, for it to perform better each day. With latest smartphones in your hand, why to worry about going to the gym, you can workout at home or wherever you want, with the help of plenty of fitness apps provided on the phone. They help you check out your BMI and help you chose the right type of exercises, there are also tutorials in the application which helps the beginners to learn the right way of doing a workout.

There are also plenty of yoga, gym, running, cycling-related applications. Your interest is the key, know what interests you and follow the exercises and diet chart provided in those applications, and stay young forever.

Credit: Pulse
Credit: Pulse

Here are the 10 best fitness applications found in the play store of every android phone that has a very good user-review. Download apps and start working out at your comfortable place and time.

Healthify me

This is a perfect fitness app that helps you track the calories in the food you intake. It also gives you a personalised diet plan with a large database of food. Unlike the other apps that suggest Continental foods, here you can choose the diet that will suit your taste and preferences. This app also has India’s top coaches assisting you with your workouts and diet. There are also various tutorials for the workout that helps you do it the right way.

Google Fit

Keep track of every activity you do with the help of this app. It helps you keep track of every footstep you keep as you walk or run throughout the day. It also counts the calories you burn while walking or running. The best thing is that it also tracks the time and distance while you are cycling. Keep count of what you do and achieve your goals easily with this app.

30-Day Fitness Challenge

This is one of the best apps which helps you work out at home. It has a tutorial on how to work out and there are different types of workouts for beginners. They have various stages like, beginner, medium and hard work; you can select the one that suits you the best. Most of the exercises are based on the body weight training, which you can perform anywhere, anytime.

Credit: 9Coach
Credit: 9Coach

Runtastic Running distance & Fitness Tracker

This app is the exclusive choice for the runners. It helps to track the distance, speed and calories burnt while running, walking, cycling or biking. The best thing in this app is that it helps you track the route you have run through a GPS tracker, it also keeps a record of the distance run during a week and the calories burnt and other details. It motivates you to achieve your target and keep increasing to goals.

Yoga for weight loss

Yoga has been the best exercise for the mind, body and soul. It is always good to perform yoga in an open air place and the best time is early morning. This app helps you practice yoga at home with the right poses and breathing techniques. It has a library with detailed tutorials with direct level ranging from beginner to expert level. You can start as a beginner and keep improving your progress with regular practice.