How to enjoy taking Selfies without Ruining your precious Life
How to enjoy taking Selfies without Ruining your precious Life | Credit: The Economic Times

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How to enjoy taking Selfies without Ruining your precious Life

Jul 30, 2018

We love to see the image of ourselves. We love seeing pictures of our face and body. It’s natural to love oneself. This makes us take selfies. It’s okay to take our selfies.

However, there’s a danger that we may be excessively obsessed with our selfies that it turns into a disorder that is now called “Selfitis.”A thorough study of this selfie issue has finally classified selfitis into three levels.

Credit: Sputniknews
Credit: Sputniknews

Three degrees of selfitis:

What study was carried out?  Around 400 hundred Indian students were asked to take part in a selfie study. They were put in a focus group so as to come up with a ‘Selfitis Behaviour Scale’. What three levels did they come up with?

1. Borderline selfie taker

2. Acute selfie taker

3. Chronic selfie taker

A Borderline selfie taker

What kind of person is this? He’s one who loves taking selfies three times in a day. But there’s something different about this person. He doesn’t post his pictures on any social media platform. He just loves taking selfies.

Acute selfie taker

Who is this type of person? He goes beyond just taking selfies three times in a day. He actually posts his selfies on social media.

Chronic selfie taker

This is someone who has a wild urge to take pictures of himself 24/7 to the point of being out of control or unmanageable, and posting his selfies on social media six times in a day.

Of course the research didn’t actually state that selfitis is a genuine disorder. The researchers also admitted that more research is needed. But we do well to individually examine ourselves to see whether this selfie addiction is affecting us is some way.

Social media’s role in selfie addiction

What else has further fueled this selfie addiction? It’s another strong addiction—using social media.

Credit: Outlook India
Credit: Outlook India

This social media does something that our brain enjoys. There’s a reward centre in our brain that wants us to enjoy something pleasurable again and again.

When we enjoy something once, we want to experience that same nice feeling again. So when we receive those nice likes, loves and positive comments for our selfies on social media, we feel so good. And we want to feel good another time. So we take more selfies and post more selfies so that we feel good again and again! This addiction to social media in turn fuels selfie addiction. How true is this?

Recently in July this year, a former Facebook employee who helped design the ‘like’ feature said that it was intentionally designed to suck as much time out of your life and to sell that attention.

Today, people want to get more and more ‘likes’. Asked if he regrets making this ‘like’ feature, he answered that he does regret because it has made many to be addicted.  In western countries, people spend 2 to 3 hours on their phones, mainly on social media. Clearly, many people are addicted to both social media and selfies.

How to enjoy selfies and social media

1. Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong in taking selfies and posting pictures on social media. This is purely a personal decision.

2. But be balanced and don’t overdo taking and posting selfies.

3. Set specific time to spend on social media and enjoy living a normal life with family and friends.

4. Don’t use selfies and social media to measure to your value or worth as a person.

5. Seek genuine praise and love from people you daily interact with, i.e. family, friends, class mates, workmates and neighbours.

6. When people don’t ‘like’ your pictures on social media, it doesn’t mean you’re not a likable or lovable person. Similarly, a person who has maximum number of likes is not considered to the best one too.

7. Your happiness as a person doesn’t depend upon the ‘likes’ or approval of people on social media.

8. Learn to love and appreciate your inner qualities cause that’s the real you. This will contribute to your happiness. And genuine friends will love you for your inner qualities.

9. Learn to enjoy sensible, educative, positive information on social media not just pictures alone.

10. Be careful not to take selfies at places that can put your life in danger. We’ve heard news of people who have been washed away by waves, and met with other accidents in an attempt to take selfies in India.

So enjoy taking and posting selfies on social media without ruining your beautiful life!