How to Stay in the Good books of your Guy?
How to Stay in the Good books of your Guy? | Credit: The Hindu

How to Stay in the Good books of your Guy?

Sep 20, 2018

There is an old song in one African country in which a woman complains to say, “I don’t know what turns guys to run away from me.”

If you’ve been going through this experience, you’re not alone. And you’ll be glad to know that we want to talk about some things that turn guys off so that you can be more romantic and likable. Let’s now begin.

Girls who lack lovable qualities turn guys off

Guys enjoy being in love with a girl who has cultivated some fine qualities. Guys are attracted to a girl who has qualities like genuine love, respect, kindness, humility, courtesy and loyalty. What's the purpose of a relationship if a girl cannot treat a guy with love, respect, kindness, humility, courtesy and is not loyal? Girls who lack such fine qualities make guys run away.

Unreasonable standards and expectations turn guys off

It’s important to set standards for a guy who wants to love you. But your standards and expectations of your guy shouldn’t be too high or too low. Be realistic and reasonable. Remember: there’s no perfect guy on earth just as there’s no perfect girl!

Questionable, edgy and flirtatious behaviour turns guys off

When two people are in love, they feel that they romantically belong to each other. They don’t belong to somebody outside their relationship. They want to enjoy this special love with just the two of them. Guys don’t like to share a girl. A girl with questionable, edgy and flirtatious behaviour turns guys off!

Guys don’t like a girl who gives it to every guy

If you make a reputation for loving every guy and breaking up tomorrow, it sends a wrong message to serious guys. How? Guys might conclude that every guy has tasted you. This can turn guys off. Some girls prefer to wait till marriage before sleeping with a guy.

Giving a guy unrealistic romantic conditions turns him off

Men like girls who are so easy to love. They want to be loved unconditionally. They don’t like girls who dictate difficult romantic conditions.

Guys love girls who look neat and nice

If you look at nature, some birds have colourful feathers. Why? This attracts the male birds. That's the way nature is. Similarly, male humans are attracted to a girl who takes good care of her body, dressing and hair.

You don’t need expensive clothes or an expensive hairstyle to look attractive. All it takes is some neat clothes and a nice hairstyle. Failing to do this turns guys off.

Being too critical, argumentative, talkative and controlling turns guys off

What makes a girl attractive to a guy apart from beauty is her tenderness and being easy to talk to. But arguing about anything, everything and nothing makes her unattractive and unlikable. Guys don't like a girl who's excessively critical, talkative and controlling, a girl who wants a guy to give in to her every wish, desire and command. Being an excessively critical, argumentative, talkative and controlling Queen will turn guys off. So be nice and cool!

A girl who thinks she’s too important because of her education and work turns guys off

An educated girl with a good job but who’s humble, respectful and loving is more lovable. But a girl who doesn’t behave this way will certainly turn guys run away.

Lack of commitment to a relationship turn guys off

There are some girls who behave as though they are not in love. They treat their relationship lightly. They don’t call nor text. They don’t tell their man they love him or miss him. They don’t show they want to maintain their relationship forever. They just stay for days without communicating and checking on their man. In short, they don’t show that they are committed to their relationship. This turns guys off.

Do you really want to be likable to guys? Then avoid these revealed things that turn guys off!