Indian big fat Wedding & the crazy Media coverage!
Indian big fat Wedding & the crazy Media coverage! | Photography: Theknot

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Indian big fat Wedding & the crazy Media coverage!

Feb 19, 2019

The state of Indian media today is definitely not prestigious but something that attracts a heap of discussions or arguments or back talks.

TRP rating has become the top priority to stay ahead among the massive lump of contemporaries. More than the money put in for collecting content, time, effort and money given to politicians for news analysis is more. News favouring a specific political party is one of the top most goals. General interest of people is not on news or at least the real news of the hour is not on the news but on sensational news, all types of wood (Bolly, kolly, tolly), on cricket and on political parties is presented. Fair treatment is not given to news analysts and easy rules on copyrights of news content and analysis results are prevalent.

Actor Aamir khan’s show Satyameva Jayate was one too-good-to-be-a-show created in the context of showcasing details of the nation’s problems to the nationals. The intent was definitely not to change any issue physically but even more powerfully, in way of touching the thoughts of the people, which is the core behind the action change. But then news channels have always been too busy with other ‘stuff’ hence another channel had to telecast the show. When the plus two topper girl unhappy with her NEET results filed a case and committed suicide due to unexpected consequences, why was her caste quoted in news? Has gaining publicity of the channel become even more important than fighting for a student’s life?

Overall, it’s either the decade old useless topic just because it had become sensational ages ago or top movie star gossips or big fat Indian weddings or something for purely TRP; this is the pathetic trend of Indian media today; hashtag-#wakeupindianmedia, #mediaforgossipsandbigweddings.

The most famous Indian weddings are spoken of, not only in India but all over the world. Why! Is it because they are gorgeous to look at? Or it’s a nice topic to pass comments on? Obviously it is the latter.

A socialist in the continent comments “Weddings are the most clearly visible extravagant consumption ceremonies and the biggest waste resulting happening”- Do you think she’s wrong?

An Indian wedding is a global talk today as it fuses western and Indian practices. Community specific rituals represent the Indian way. Huge crowd gathering for cocktail parties, bachelor spinster get together, and multiple receptions with multi tiered cakes represent the western influence. What other than food represents the biggest fusion of global traditions! Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese, Indo Chinese, Italian, North Indian, South Indian and more that you and I may not know, is the cuisine list now. Next attraction point becomes the massive sum paid to those who are given the name “wedding organisers”, ironical to the fact the bride and groom's families once organised everything; are you dumbstruck if we say these planners are gradually replacing the traditional pandits?

Inviting the most popular singers and lavishly giving away silver coins to the already-rich guests, as a part of giving entertainment and showing respect for presence in functions like haldi and gharcholi, is no more a new talk. Rebuked age old Indian dowry tradition is now concealed in the name of exchange of extremely expensive ‘gifts’ which sometimes include even foreign currency, for no reason but to flaunt off the status. Not to miss out on the caste system which continues to be a strict custom followed. Recently sprouting bridal websites and magazines instigate the brides to replace elder-gifted bridal clothes with exorbitant high budget designer clothes.

It’s not astonishing to know these wedding arenas have become one of the main grounds for business and political discussions. Ask how? Not just the immediate guests but friends of friends who are among the who’s who of the nation are invited; the big shots may not attend the ceremony if not for the deal talk. 

A single no-show may result in non invitation for the next grand meet and this gets the big fat guests conscious to pop up at the function.

The point now is what’s the public getting out of these! What’s the poor common man gaining from these details! Do we have lesser obstacles to move ahead towards becoming a better nation? And do we all the time to give ears to diversions? Ponder over these things! Write to us.