Is the Food you Eat at your Workplace safe and Healthy?
Is the Food you Eat at your Workplace safe and Healthy? | Credit: Unilab

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Is the Food you Eat at your Workplace safe and Healthy?

Aug 10, 2018

“Food and work are friends that work together,” so goes one African proverb. What does it mean? It means that you need food in order to perform work properly. It’s no wonder that many people enjoy eating food even at workplaces. In fact, eating good food promotes production and efficiency at work.

However, there is a key study that we need to pay attention to especially when it comes to food we eat at our workplaces. What did this study show?

Much of the food that’s eaten at workplaces has been found to be unhealthy by this study that was administered by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The findings of this study were shocking. This workplace food contains extreme amounts of solid fats and added sugars. It also has excessive amounts of sodium and refined grains. 

Credit: Dailyhunt
Credit: Dailyhunt

And when it comes to calories, an appalling average 1,300 calories that are consumed every week come from workplace food. And where does the largest amount of calories come from? From the free food at workplaces! And this free food has a dreadful 70% calories!

This was an extensive study that centred on the food that more than 5,000 workers bought from vending machines or cafeterias, and the food that was offered free of charge at workplaces. The study actually did make good use of the data from the U.S Department of Agriculture survey.

What are we to do since we need food to enjoy our work? If you find it difficult to eat unhealthy food at your workplace, the suggestions below might help you.

These suggestions will talk about the advantages of eating home-made food if you want to stay away from workplace food. They will also talk about what you can do if you find it difficult to take with you home-made food. There are also some fine tips for employers on promoting healthy food policies at workplaces.

Home-made food is cheaper

If you usually buy food from another place other than your workplace, then you might be spending a lot of money. In the long run that food may cost you your very health.

However, you can prepare nutritious and healthy food at home that doesn’t cost you too much money. This food is normally well-prepared with care and thoughtfulness.

I personally get shocked when I find how costly certain foods at some eating places that you can actually prepare at home with little money.

Home-made is healthy and balanced

While much of the workplace food is unhealthy, your home-made food can be nutritious, healthy and balanced.

You may choose to include more whole grains, greens, vegetables and fruits in your diet. You can choose to take rice, bread and potatoes.

You’ll usually use the right amount of cooking oil to put in your food while at home. You’ll choose whether or not to cook your food through deep frying or not. You’ll know the right amount of salt and sugar in your food.

Credit: Mesazhi
Credit: Mesazhi

Fresh and tasty foods

When you prepare and take food from home, you’re almost hundred percent sure it’s going to be fresh and tasty. Sometimes the foods that are sold are some eating places or given at workplaces aren’t fresh and tasty foods.

While at home, you know that the tomatoes, onions, vegetables, greens or fruits are fresh. You can even prepare fresh from your own garden if you have own. Or you may buy from those that you grow their own fresh foods.

You may even take nutritious natural or traditional foods. 

Eat food at a reputable eating place

What if you’re not in a position to prepare and take food to work? You can decide to be choosy and selective about the food that’s found at your workplace. Don’t eat anything and everything.

You may think of buying food from a reputable eating place that offers a variety of balanced, nutritious and healthy foods.

When buying food at this eating place, make sure you include more greens, vegetables and fruits. Make sure you eat a balanced meal. Keep the excessively sugary, greasy, oily and meaty foods to a minimum degree. And eat less of the junk food that looks and tastes delicious and enticing.

Employers may consider promoting nutritious and healthy foods

It’s true that health is a personal responsibility. However, this study encouraged employers to put-forth policies that can promote nutritious and health foods. This would make many workers to a variety of healthy foods to choose from.

It’d also be good to provide useful information on healthy foods for workers. Also useful would be holding some meetings to discuss how food impacts our health, happiness and work.