Keep your Foot on the Ground this Summer!

Jan 31, 2019

Keep your Foot on the Ground this Summer!
Keep your Foot on the Ground this Summer! | Credit: Everydayhealth

We all want to feel nice about ourselves. And one way you can feel nice about yourself is by having good smelling feet and shoes in summer. How can you do this? Here are some incredible tips to help you have fresh smelling feet and shoes!

Wash your feet regularly with soap

Soap does a superb job in washing away fungus or bacteria, even disease. What would happen if we didn’t wash our feet regularly with soap? Fungus or bacteria would make our feet and shoes to stink.

So regularly wash your feet with soap each time you’re taking a bath. Kill the fungus or bacteria everyday with soap because it’s the origin of the odour on your feet and shoes. Take good care of your feet everyday!

Do not wear same shoes

Have you ever wondered why some women’s shoes seem to last longer? One reason is that they usually have several pairs of shoes. But there’s another advantage in possessing a good number of shoes. Doing so helps you to give a needed break to each pair of shoes; and it gives them time to start smelling nice again. By the time you wear them, they are odour-free!

Avoid tight-fitting shoes

If you want to have ‘stink-free’ shoes, then you’d better wear shoes that fit you well. Avoid tight-fitting shoes. Why? Sweat from your feet becomes profuse when shoes are too tight. And perspiring feet contributes to smelly shoes.

Moreover, those tight shoes are painfully uncomfortable for you! I know one guy who bought agonisingly tight shoes that he ended up nursing two swollen big toes filled with pus! He has since vowed never ever to wear dreadfully tight shoes!

Put your shoes in the sun

The drier the shoes are inside, the less smell. Have you gotten socked by the rain, and you kept shoes indoors only realise that they had started smelling strange? It’s because they were wet. Similarly, sweat from our feet makes our shoes a little wet and smelly. So take them out in the sun for sometime!

Get a deodorant for your feet

Have you ever thought of buying and using a deodorant on your feet? Strange as it sounds, if you want to feel good about your feet and shoes, it’s worth it!

Come on, don’t shy away from buying a deodorant that you can specifically use on your feet. It’ll help to keep your feet and shoes dry and sweet smelling.

Try to use baby powder

Treat your feet tenderly by applying some baby powder on them. How helpful is this? It’ll keep your feet dry and chase away dampness. And that nice and cool fragrance of powder will give your feet and shoes a pleasant odour.

Remember to apply some inside your shoes, too. Believe me, you’ll love your feet and shoes!

Try using baking Soda

Baking powder has so many uses after all! It can be used to deodorise your shoes, too! How can you apply it? Sprinkle it into your shoes each night you take them off.

Reminder: Remove the extra powder in the morning by clapping the two soles of your shoes together outside the house.

Wear socks whenever possible

It may sound great to go sock-less. But the more your feet gets in contact with shoes, the higher the possibility of sweaty feet and odour. What’s one way to absorb the sweat? Whenever possible, wear socks so that they can help absorb some of the moisture that your feet oozes. This will lessen the odour.

Try wearing very low socks in your flat or high-heeled shoes, especially ladies. Let the socks cover only the back of your heel, sides of your feet and toes.

What socks are best? Cotton socks. You can also wear running socks because they use what they call moisture-wicking technology that proves to be helpful in keeping your feet and shoes dry and good smelling.

Caution: Have numerous pairs of socks. Wear one pair per day. Wash your socks regularly. Why? Dirty socks smell don’t good and contribute to stinking shoes.

Wash your shoes!

If the material of the shoes is washable, then don’t hesitate to give them a good wash, particularly inside. You may put them in a solution of washing soap or in a washing machine. But be careful before wearing them. Make sure they are completely dry inside!

Yes, try to use these incredible tips to help you have fresh smelling feet and shoes!