"Mind & matter: Unlocking the secrets of human creativity Viz., spiritualism! "
"Mind & matter: Unlocking the secrets of human creativity Viz., spiritualism! " | Credit:Sobernation

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"Mind & matter: Unlocking the secrets of human creativity Viz., spiritualism! "

Aug 24, 2018

Have you ever wondered how an idea originates in a person’s mind? Also, are you intrigued by the fact that a single idea coming from a person can impact the lives of others? You sure may have wondered about these aspects of life at some point in your life, correct?

Gain your balance through meditation

It may interest you to learn that meditation has a role in creativity. Also, the medical experts will concede to this fact.

Keep in mind that you cannot be creative if you are tired. Now, how do you rejuvenate your senses? The answer is through meditation. When you do so, your mind and body are relaxed and in unison. Also, you can remain calm and balanced through meditation. Only by gaining your balance, the flow of ideas is facilitated and you start implementing those ideas. In fact, even creative persons perceive that they are able to improvise on their ideas through meditation.

You must bear in mind the mind is made up of two hemispheres: the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. The left brain is logical while the right brain is creative. Through the day, you use the left side of your brain to live life in a logical manner. Also, you may engage in entertainment avenues and they can leave you feeling tired. In short, as you go through the day, your body balance is lost. Now, for regaining your balance, the key lies in meditation.

Credit: Goalcost
Credit: Goalcost

Right and Left Sides of the Brain

By doing so, you connect with the supreme intelligence that is the source of life and creation. Your senses are refreshed and more alert as well. Also, you become peaceful through the practice.

Furthermore, if faced with a dilemma and simply meditate, you are able to come up with a win-win situation for all the involved parties.

Nonetheless, there is the argument that not all creative ideas take shape. Also, the ones that fructify may not be fruitful. Thus, how does one know the ideas that they should pursue? In such cases, intuition comes into play. The combination of creativity and intuition is important if the ideas have to benefit mankind after they fructify.

Intuition is also known to be the sixth sense. An intuitive mind is one where the thoughts are harmonious with nature. Only through meditation, your mind is aligned with nature and you can become intuitive. Moreover, you get the wisdom on the ideas that are worth pursuing and the ones that are a waste of time.

Creativity is considered to be fruitful only if the ideas benefit mankind, else not. Therefore, the role of intuition cannot be undermined. 

Credit: Brenkee
Credit: Brenkee

You may, also, have noticed that when around nature, your mind is calm. Also, you learn to live only in the present moment and feel positive. Here, the mind is in the mode for creative ideas to start flowing. Similarly, meditative practices affect your mind in the same manner. You connect with the inner realm and become creative. Your mind is relaxed and is in a space for creativity to well up from inside.

Meditation has several benefits

Meditation is practicing mindfulness. Here, you live only in the present. Also, your thoughts are not focused on the past and future and hence, your mind is not influenced. In this state, you are able to judge what is good for you. You are able to take better decisions concerning your life and also, improve your standard of living.

Therefore, we see that there is a strong correlation between spirituality, creativity, and intuition. During meditation, there could be several ideas that are flowing in your mind. Yet, you must go by your instincts to judge the ideas that would be most beneficial for one and all.