Positive thinking can be the Perfect antidote to Panic Attacks.
Positive thinking can be the Perfect antidote to Panic Attacks. | Credit: Bridgestorecovery

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Positive thinking can be the Perfect antidote to Panic Attacks.

Jan 04, 2019

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You’re feeling great on a particular day. You’re in a wonderful and happy mood. Your day looks beautiful and promising. Nothing is bothering you at all. And suddenly your heart starts beating so fast. You start sweating profusely. You start breathing rapidly. You fear you’re going to have a black out. And you start experiencing a worrisome panic attack.

And after sometime, this panic attack stops. Yet the attack leaves you scared, depleted of all emotional, mental and physical energy. It leaves you with a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. It even triggers depression. And you start fearing another panic attack.

Undoubtedly, panic attacks can be so frightening and painful. They can disrupt your normal life. When under attack, the only thing that some people think of is rushing home. They are chained and locked by these panic attacks inside their own homes. They may prefer sleeping and avoid social settings. Panic attacks are real, cruel and painful.

What can help you to overcome or cope with panic attacks so that they don’t control and ruin your precious life? Let’s discuss some ways to do this.

1. Do not try to fight a panic attack

Learn to face your panic attacks without fighting them vigorously. Panic attacks are feelings that come and go. Do not attempt to start a fight with panic attacks. Just keep calm. Do not try to fight a panic attack with all your mental and emotional energy. Why?

A panic attack is often a huge or mammoth opponent that enjoys fighting with you. It’s a huge enemy that likes someone who starts fighting against it. If you don’t fight it, it’ll soon walk away and leave you alone. So remain calm and peaceful because it will leave you soon.

2. Do not fuel panic attacks

It’s strong wind that fuels wild fires. I watched two news items about merciless and destructive fires this year. The stronger the winds, the more fierce and destructive the fires become.

So don’t try to do anything that fuels the panic attacks, anything that makes them fierce and merciless toward you. How? Do not think of impossible and imaginary negative things that may happen to you.

Don’t try to imagine fearsome and terrible things that might befall you next. Resist thinking that something appalling and awful is to happen next. Don’t entertain imaginary dangers in your mind. 

All these things only serve to fuel the intensity of the panic attack just as strong winds fuel fires. They can paralyse you and leave you powerless, hopeless and even depressed. Do not fuel panic attacks!

3. Positive thinking

To cope with panic attacks, try to think about positive memories, past happy events and moments, about loving friends and family. Think about nice words and compliments that these people have said about you. Think about people who make you feel likeable and lovable. Positive thinking helps you to overcome or cope with panic attacks.

When under attack, do everything you can to remain positive and hopeful. This helps to lessen the excruciating pain of a panic attack. It makes a panic attack bearable and manageable.

4. Calm Breathing

Why engage in calm breathing practice? Because anxiety makes humans to experience short and fast breathing and this worsens a panic attack.

So practice deep and calm breathing even before you experience a panic attack. Learn to breath slowly and deeply when alone while lying on your stomach, sitting and standing. Let this calm, slow and deep breathing be a normal part of your life. This kind of breathing will help you to cope with future panic attacks.

When you experience a panic attack, don’t intensify it by breathing rapidly and heavily. You’ll feel much better when you breathe calmly, slowly and deeply.

5. Seek professional medical help

Consult with a doctor who’ll be in a better position to give you professional advice. He’ll help you to analyse your fears, anxiety and panic attacks.

Doctors are trained to give good advice on mental and emotional issues, including panic attacks. They may even know what kind of helpful medical drugs to give you to help you remain calm while you’re still addressing your fears.

But please keep in mind that these drugs are only meant to help you temporarily and are not the remedy to panic attacks.

In the long run, these coping skills may help you to completely overcome panic attacks. You’ll start living a normal and panic-free life! You’ll start enjoying a happy and successful life again!