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Short & Sweet: Reasons why one should have a Short girl as your Bestie!

Feb 26, 2019

Short & Sweet: Reasons why one should have a Short girl as your Bestie!
Short & Sweet: Reasons why one should have a Short girl as your Bestie! | Photography: Iloveimages

Having a short girl bestie myself, there are so many benefits of a short girl being your bestie. Don't underestimate a shorter girl though you are super tall. Short girls are as solid as a rock when it comes to relationships. Here's why short girls are the best!

For many of us having a short bestie is an incredible thing. They are nothing less than a wonder women. It is a known fact that they bring a little bit of magic and lots of love in all our lives. 

Short besties are not just the best wing-woman, they are complete guides too. Here is a list of things you need to know why a short bestie is extra special and why you need one as soon as possible (if you do not have one already). 

Short girls are cute, beautiful and humble, they have amazing personalities and are sometimes self-conscious. Their chirpy and innocent nature makes them irresistibly attractive. There is a popular saying that short girls make the best friends, girlfriends and the best life partners. Here’s why we think short girls are the best.

She is adorable:

There is a certain kind of innocence and a cute factor that comes with shortness. It makes short girls a tad more endearing than usual.

Finding your way through the crowds:

Bypassing long queues will never be a problem while buying tickets for a movie or events. You short bestie can find her way easily in the crowd to get tickets.

Finding lost things:

If you have a tendency to lose things now and then, nothing could be better than having a short bestie, she can fit in a tiny space and can find your precious things, and so having a short bestie is a precious gift.

Teasing her is fun:

Teasing her for being short is so much fun and then to console her again is more fun. This will make your bond between you and your bestie grow stronger every day.

Young and energetic:

A short girlfriend will always look young, making you feel young and energetic all the time.

You have got yourself a firecracker:

What she lacks in height, she makes up with her personality, which will make you love her even more. She is bold, friendly and pretty much awesome with her amazing sense of humor. This pretty much sums up a perfect woman.

She is the yin to your yang:

She is one of the best people to cuddle with, it feels great to hug a short person. And suddenly, she will set all things right in your world.

You tend to feel protective towards her:

Her childlike appearance, bubbly nature will naturally make you feel protective about her. It is a human tendency to feel protective about the smaller ones.

Short girls tend to be more feminine: 

It is a fact that shorter women have more estrogen than taller ladies who have more testosterone, hence, they are more feminine than the taller lot. They are also known to be a tad more sensitive so you can pour your heart out them and they are up for it. 

They are little but are strong fighters:

Short girls are more passionate about something they believe in. They will have a cause they so deeply trust in, you can't even dare cross them on this.

They may be small but have big hearts!

It is true that short girls are the ones who stay with you forever. They will love you with all their heart.

If you have found a short bestie already she is a keeper, if you haven't found one then please do it as soon as possible. A short bestie will make your life much brighter, better and beautiful.