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Simple, Joyful & Memorable Wedding for every Budget!

Jul 18, 2018

Simple, Joyful & Memorable Wedding for every Budget!
Simple, Joyful & Memorable Wedding for every Budget! | Credit: Auroravine

Nykki and Tytti were planning to have a wedding. They wanted a simple but joyful outdoor wedding. At first some didn’t understand why. “Is it because you don’t have enough money that you want to have a simple outdoor wedding?” asked one relative.

“No, we just want to keep it simple. We’ve got the money,” replied Nykki. And right away this relative understood what they wanted and the theme of their wedding: Simple but joyful! The relative even suggested a simple, inviting and beautiful venue for an outdoor wedding! Their wedding turned out to be very successful and joyful!

This moved another relative to remark, “We didn’t think your wedding was going to be so joyful and exciting! Oh, and I enjoyed the baked food!”

Credit: Wedding
Credit: Wedding

Other people talked about how well-organised the wedding was. No doubt, it was a wedding that suited their budget.

But years later, Nykki’s cousin and her fiancé planned to have a wedding. They booked one of the most expensive venues in the city. And their wedding budget was many times higher than the wedding of Nykki and Tytti!

Referring to Nykki’s and Tytti’s wedding, this same relative lamented, “She should have just kept the wedding simple like your wedding. Yours was simple but very nice!”

Clearly, a memorable wedding that suits every wedding budget must be simple, affordable but joyful. True, the definition of simple means different things to different brides and grooms and families. Whatever it means it to you, the following juicy wedding tips will help you to have a happy wedding within your budget.

Credit: Ezwed
Credit: Ezwed


1. We live in a world where everyone wants to stun people with a totally different wedding that’s like no other. Your wedding must be more than just a few hours of jubilation, celebration, style and pomp.

2. You should remember that there’s more to a wedding day than just having a flashy and outlandish wedding. There’s life after the wedding day. You need to think beyond the wedding day. Plan for that life!

3. You want to have a wedding that won’t just impress your family, friends, workmates, former school mates, neighbours and other people. They won’t be there after your wedding.

4. Remember: It’s just one single wedding day. It’s only a day. There are many days and years that you and your spouse will spend together. So think about what kind of husband or wife you’re going to be.

5. Don’t invite too many people for your wedding because that means extra budget.

Simplicity brings success and happiness. Nothing can outshine or outdo simplicity. Expensiveness and complexity are not the key to a wedding for every budget. Therefore, think about an affordable budget that’ll fit your own wedding. Here are some useful tips.

Credit: Batempo
Credit: Batempo


1. Simple wedding dress that’s queenly and pretty at a reasonable price

2. Simple wedding shoes that are stylish at a fair price

3. Simple hairstyle that’s affordable, modern and good-looking 

4. Simple eye-catching earrings at a low price

5. Simple, cute make-up that costs only a few dollars

6. Simple wedding ring that’s amazingly royal and affordable

7. Romantic, affordable underwear and stockings

Credit: Southwestcoastalgroup
Credit: Southwestcoastalgroup


1. Simple, kingly suit for the groom that’s easy on the pocket 

2. Simple and modern shirt at a reasonable price

3. Simple, inexpensive neck tie or bow tie

4. Simple, classy and low-cost belt 

5. Simple, majestic wedding shoes that are reasonably priced

6. Simple, low-cost and fresh hair cut

7. Simple wedding ring that’s exquisite, royal and affordable

8. Romantic and inexpensive underwear and socks

Credit: Tredudwell Manor
Credit: Tredudwell Manor


1. Simple and economical venue that’s classy, modern and beautiful

2. Simple, tasty and economical wedding cake

3. Simple, nutritious food and refreshing drinks

4. Simple, economical but colourful decorations

5. Simple, danceable and meaningful music and dance


Simple, low-fuel consumption and modern cars for the bride, groom, bridesmaids and best men