Staying Positive Amid the Online Negativity!
Staying Positive Amid the Online Negativity! | Credit: View

Staying Positive Amid the Online Negativity!

Jan 22, 2019

It is a common occurrence to experience the onslaught of haters, trolls and rude people on popular social media or blog platforms. Bouquets and brickbats are the two sides of the coin. Offensiveness is an obvious aspect you must deal with when you are out there on your favourite social media or blog platform in contrast to the praises and pleasant exchanges.

Being judged unfairly and receiving hate messages is an unwelcome element or offshoot of the online world, especially when you post content on social media or blog. When faced with rude people online or haters and trolls we can either ignore, attack in kind or deal with them smartly and with a positive attitude. 

Try and Understand What Makes Them a Rude Person

None of us are perfect and we must be aware of our own rudeness at times with others. Rudeness can be impulsive or stem from some hidden frustration, envy, angst, or based on attention getting behaviour or sensationalism. Some may resort to such indecency out of sheer boredom and lack of worthwhile things to do. The person may even regret their rash words though it is too late. Give them the benefit of doubt.

Realize the Reality

It is natural to react with anger and not stay silent but hold on and be patient! You must accept that abusive and offensive types of characters will never accept that they are wrong or change their ideas or opinion. 

It could be ego related, a temporary outburst of anger, fear based or a serious psychological problem they have. Think that it is their problem not yours! So, it’s wiser to take a mature attitude and to ignore such haters and not give them any importance by responding to their insulting comments or messages.  

Don’t take it too seriously

Resort to your sense of humour and view the comments lightly. You can respond with humour but be careful not to get offensive. See the big picture and view the person in a funny light and this will ease the situation. Take the comments in your stride and never get worked up or let it affect your mood. You need not get down to their levels of language or thinking! Maintain your politeness, rationality and decency. It will do you a world of good.

Don’t get Emotional

Never get emotional about the vitriolic comments from online haters, trolls, or rude people. Don’t let it affect your self-esteem by taking it personally. If you let it affect you it may tempt you to respond in wrong ways. You can block or delete their comments but remember to stick to the rules no matter how offensive the barbs. 

Realise that even celebrities are targeted constantly with criticism and heartless remarks. Accept criticism if its correctly pointed out and try to improve yourself without losing your individuality or spirit. Don’t see all comments as negative. 

When you are out in the virtual world in public view you must continue doing what you are doing and adopt an objective outlook or retreat into isolation. It takes all kinds of people to make up this world and while there may be fans and followers, there are those who are indifferent and the trolls.