Take a Dip into some of the Smart and Savvy monsoon Fashion tips
Take a Dip into some of the Smart and Savvy monsoon Fashion tips | Credit: India Tv

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Take a Dip into some of the Smart and Savvy monsoon Fashion tips

Sep 28, 2018

“Pitter, patter, raindrops…I’m wet through.” Sounds familiar right! It’s good to hear this childhood rhyme. But would you really like to get wet when you step out for work and sundry? No, it’s time you set a monsoon fashion goal for yourself. Do keep a tab on the latest monsoon fashion trends in India. Fabric, footwear, make-up, color, accessories – you need to keep all of them right to remain the most fashionable in the monsoon season. Do not let the dark clouds dampen up the fashionable beauty in you. Be the fashionista and not the messy one.

Enjoy monsoon magic with top beauty tips to look good and feel good. 

Water, Water Everywhere - Get Drenched in Monsoon Fashion.

Bring in a splash of fashion to your monsoon wardrobe and check out the latest in monsoon fashion trends.

Credit: La fashion district
Credit: La fashion district

Fabric & Fashion

Cotton is the ultimate choice; keep blended fabrics completely out of your monsoon wardrobe. Chiffon and any kind of breathe-easy, lightweight fabric are preferred. Rainy days tend to get breezier - you can have a light windsheater or knit cardigans in cooler places to get safeguard from the nip in the air. Style yourself in short capris, culottes or skirts, lightweight jeans, linen pants and jumpsuits. Printed dresses, waist-nipped dresses, zipper shirts or knee-length pleated dresses are ideal wear for evening outings or party nights. Asymmetrical hemlines and scarves can max up your style quotient. Do not opt for longer dress to get them messed up. Splurge on some of the latest western dress patterns via online shopping portals.

Colour Cocktail

You can bring in a spark to your amazing wardrobe in the brightest of monsoon hues. Lively green and pretty blossoms - Nature gets coloured in pastel hues. Even your wardrobe can boast the same vibe. Why not try some of the electrifying colours - like lime, coral, electric blue or neon colours?

Appropriate Make-ups

Go for minimal make-up because of the excess humidity in air. Skin tends to get oily - so keeping the make-up light will help skin to breathe. Avoid sticky make-up. Get your eyes lined with a nice water-proof eyeliner and definition to lashes with water-resistant mascara. You can add a blush of cheek colours and paint lips in a favourite water-proof of shade of yours. Mirror speaks the truth - if you are confident of the look then you are sure to rock it up.

Credit: Maddy Coupons
Credit: Maddy Coupons

Do Not Let Your Hair Down

Do not blame it on monsoonal mischief - you can prevent having a bad hair day. Keep your curls up - go for tight hairstyle. You can look fashionable by opting for a long ponytail or a style that keeps your face free from the falling tresses like a bun or braided hair to keep the frizz away. Dab serum on hair to get a wet yet cool, chic and sporty look - an ideal tip for the fashionable men and women out there. Not to forget, keep it shampooed and well-conditioned to keep away the oil and grime.

Happy Feet, Dry Feet

Enjoy rainy day as you walk in style in jelly shoes, flip-flops, trendy sneakers, crocs or floaters. If you want to have a look that’s bold, go for the thigh-high water-proof boots. Wear shoes that have rubber soles. You can team it up with water-proof socks. Wear only the slip-resistant ones. Contrast shoes with clothes to add a zing to your style.

Awesome Accessories

Light jewellery like simple ear stud, sleek chain or bangle completes the right monsoon fashion look. You can complement the look with water-proofs bags, wallets and watches. Nylon and transparent bags are a craze this season.

Rain-proof Style

Keep yourself rain-proof as you carry some of the brightest and coolest rainwear or umbrella; for umbrellas go for the biggies to shield the downpour. Go for transparent raincoats to reveal the stylish outfit that you have donned for the monsoons.

What’s your monsoon statement? Make one with beautiful fashion trends in this happy rainy season.