Turn the Tables with Good table Manners.

Jan 16, 2019

Turn the Tables with Good table Manners.
Turn the Tables with Good table Manners. | Credit: The Daily Meal

Yes, table manners matter a lot! There are basically two important reasons for this. First one is we that it is a way to make others comfortable when they are dining with us. The second one is to keep yourself away from being a part of embarrassing situations. Why we have to follow these two main rules is because considering the first one, how many people would like to eat food with those who may have dropped cough all over the food or touched the food with dirty hands etc? No one will wish to visit such vexatious behaviour of others. For the second one, some basic courtesy tips are there that we have to follow on a table like not to drink water from somebody else’s glass without seeking permission, waiting for the host to start eating etc.

Why is Better Dining Etiquette necessary?

When we were younger, elders taught us proper table manners, but we thought at that time, that it is not necessary. But, now looking at the modern scenario, we realize that this is also more important in everyday life as well as our professional lives.

Normally, people from military circles have proper dining etiquettes. Meeting new people, conducting interviews, networking meeting over lunch and dinner are the times when people should be paying more attention to dining etiquettes because the first impression is always very important.

If the people don’t want to also, they will still judge you constantly. This thing normally happens if we are out for dinner or lunch. In most cases, both table manners and the first impressions are ‘make or break’ because social skills are attached to these table manners. Your behaviour towards service staffs, suppliers and clients say everything about which type of person you are.

Rules of Dining Etiquette

Always pay attention to your hosts first.

Be an observant diner and wait for the host to start. This will allow you to avoid 95% of the embarrassing situation. This is a simple thing you have to follow waiting to eat until you see others eating.

Don’t talk with food in your mouth and chew slowly with your mouth closed.

People have the problem chewing with their mouth wide open and if that time they want to say something then that also looks odd simultaneously food also falls on others. So, if you want to speak at that time then put a single bite in your mouth at a time.

Always don’t bring your face to your food, bring your food to your face.

We should take our food into our mouth with a distance of at least 6 inches. We should not be leaning over our food. Always we have to sit straight, never drink from the soup bowl and on the utensil; we must balance single bite of your choice.

Use good words.

Some magical words like thank you, sorry, please, Excuse me are to be used regularly.

Try to maintain a good conversation.

It means you have to talk with the people, listen to them carefully, and understand their way of saying. Try to use your phone less and enjoy the moment.

So, in my point of view, table manners shows your sign of respect towards eating and people with whom you are eating.