You don't call someone a Fitness trainer if they aren't Challenging your Limits
You don't call someone a Fitness trainer if they aren't Challenging your Limits | Credit: Hbf Arena

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You don't call someone a Fitness trainer if they aren't Challenging your Limits

Oct 23, 2018

How often do you indulge in physical activity? Does your brain send you a red signal when you cross your favourite fast food outlet? Do you enjoy a balanced sleep and work schedules? If the answer is ‘no’ it is mandatory to start your fitness regime before you hit your later thirties. A regular workout regime combined with a balanced diet is not only about staying fit but also healthy and confident. The positive effect of a controlled lifestyle is only gradually evident but you’ll be surprised to find a ‘transformed you’ after a specific period of time.

What most of the fitness aspirants lack is, the proper motivation and kick start. Studies state that when you practice something for a prolonged duration, it gets incorporated into your lifestyle and you will find it hard to give it up. Fitness regime is no exception. An enthusiastic mentor can motivate you to make workouts and healthy controlled living a part of your life.

Informing yourself about accurate fitness ideologies is important to achieve your fitness goals. 

People do get into trouble by messing up with millions of data available in web. A qualified fitness trainer can give an accurate tabulation of your nutritional requirements and physical workout advice considering your health conditions. 

Apart from motivation, a fitness mentor can shape your entire well-being including your confidence and mental health. We’ve tried to compile a list of reasons why you need a professional to guide to get fit and the benefits you are likely to attain.

You get educated

Fitness is not just about a set of exercises and a diet chart asking you to eat less. There are many other factors that determine fitness. A mentor can give you clear idea about the body shape, cardio requirements, need for strengthening workouts etc. With a proper teacher, it becomes easy to understand the role of cortisol hormone in fat deposition, importance of sound sleep, stress management, etc.

A certified guidance will help you know your fat percentage, water mass, etc. and the right kind of exercise and food habits to achieve a toned structure. A clear knowledge about inch loss and weight loss will also help you inspire others to join your fitness journey.

Achieve accuracy

Correct posture and breathing are the two key factors of a good workout plan. A personal trainer will ensure that you are doing things right because incorrect workouts can result in muscle injuries. There is nothing that can destroy your dreams of becoming fit better than trauma and injuries with a prescribed bed rest for a long period.

You know what you eat

A personal mentor can give you a detailed account of the macro-nutrients that form your food. Once you are clear about proteins, minerals, hydration, carbohydrates, fats, etc. you can become a food expert yourself and spread the joy of healthy controlled eating.

Understand your unique needs

Every person is different. You cannot simply borrow fitness tips from your neighbour. A mentor can definitely help you get rid of your apprehensions and bring the best out of you. For example, for those who suffer lower back aches, should approach a certified professional who can strengthen your back with specialised physiotherapeutic postures.

Work on your mental health

It is said that hypertension, stress and lack of sleep can adversely affect your fitness goals. Have you noticed the bulge on your mid-section getting bigger when you stressed at work or at home. It’s mostly due to the cortisol releases which makes you crave more for comfort foods especially sugar. As a result of stress, you over eat and gain more fat. A trainer can help you with meditation tips to bring down your stress levels and boost your confidence

An inspiring fitness specialist or personal mentor is far more than someone who pushes you to follow the prescribed workouts and diet plans. She/he is a life coach, inspiration, teacher, encourager and an all rounder. The professional helps you explore yourself and bring out the energy that you never thought you had within you.