Are you excited to collect photographs

Jan 10, 2018

Are you excited to collect photographs
Are you excited to collect photographs | Credit: Congerdesign

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more, today there are many ways one can archive their memories. But remember those days when we all possessed scrapbooks and photo albums that preserved our good and bad times bringing a smile on our lips or tears in our eyes? We treasured them and updated those pages with all activities and events holding onto them throughout our growing up years. So is the art of collecting photographs and other valuables dying a slow death with the advent of social media? And if so, why? People prefer quick connection and the faster the better. Technology helps us to connect and interact better. So it's natural for people to store their pictures in the cloud platform but for those who don't want to digitize and conserve them on pages we give you a few tips.

Protect albums from sunlight

Direct sunlight or UV rays can fade photos. So keep them away from sunlight

Temperature control

Store your pictures where the temperature is moderate. The place of storage should be neither hot nor too cold. If the area in mold infested this can also ruin pictures so get rid of moisture.

Beware of rodents and insects

Remove the pictures or documents from the infested area. Eradicate rodents.

Handle them properly

Vintage photographs and documents are fragile so handle them carefully if possible wear gloves to avoid staining.


For long term preservation store them in archival boxes. Albums bigger in size or volume should be kept at the bottom and smaller one should come on top.

Label them

We can also label albums and documents so that it's easy to find out a specific one.