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Collecting Sand: Fun way to remember your visits to the beach

Jan 25, 2018

Collecting Sand: Fun way to remember your visits to the beach
Collecting Sand: Fun way to remember your visits to the beach | Credit: Evan Kirby(Unsplash)

When we look back at our life, nostalgia sets in and, our fondest memories tend to be those of our childhood. It could perhaps be attributed to that period of time when we were unencumbered by the responsibilities of adulthood and the decisions that go hand in hand with it.

Summer Holiday – A Stress Reliever

Our childhood is mainly defined by the eagerly awaited lazy summer holidays and the perfect way to spend that would be to head to the beach. The trips to the beach can be enormous fun. Many of us would have wonderful childhood memories of long summer days at the shore. Making memories with friends and family is priceless, and enjoying the relaxation and recreational time is something we all needed after a whole year of school stress. 

So even today, as adults, when the stress of daily life gets to us, we plan a trip to the beach to help us unwind and relax. It releases our inner child and we feel delighted in the freedom we will gain from this experience.

Beaches – Swim & Sand Castles

When we think about beaches, the first thing that comes to our minds is swimming in the sea and of course, building sand castles!

It’s not only the kids who enjoy building castles, we adults enjoy them too! Digging into the sand to create pathways and pools for water,creating walls, doors, windows, mounting flags and decorating it with seashells are a few of the fun activities.

The beach is one BIG sandbox! It makes it so tempting for us to shape and mold the sand into structures that, alas, will only last till the next tide comes in.

What is the next thing to do? Writing in the sand, of course! Writing messages and love notes in the sand with feathers and reeds found on the beach is another fascinating thing that you do on the beach.

Bringing Home the Sand

There is an urban legend, naturally made up by the urban folks, that says ‘if you bring home sand from a beach, you'll visit that beach again’. We don’t know how true that is, but collecting sand is a fun way to remember our visits to the beach and to see how sand differs from beach to beach.

‘Collecting Sand’ Technique

You can carry small containers like pill bottles, film canisters (only if you find one of those nowadays!), and so on to store the sand. You should then label the container with the name of the beach and the date. You can also take photos of your day at the beach and store the sand and the pictures in a shoebox.

Store the sand collection on a shelf and every time you look at it, you'll remember all the fun that you had on your visits to the beach!

For No Disasters at the Beach, Read This!

However, if you have not prepared for a beach trip or you are not like those planning type of people, then it is ‘no day at the beach’.

If you want to avoid disaster and ensure that your next sand and surf trip is the best as ever it can be, follow these invaluable beach trip tips and hacks:

1. Carry a sand-free beach bag like a mesh tote bag for carrying your things. Just give it a few shakes at the end of the day, and the sand will fall out.

2. Pack some bug spray.

3. Add a flotation device (or cork) to your keys, to ensure that your keys don't sink in the ocean

4. Learn how to identify rip currents and get out of them if you get stuck in one.

5. Pack lunches separately so that if one falls in the sand, you will only lose one and still have the rest in separate boxes.

6. Bring along any medications that your family might need.

7. Use a proper UV protection sunscreen to the skin, a lip balm to prevent drying of lips and leave in a hair conditioner to protect it from the abrasiveness of the salty sea and the harsh sunlight.

Keeping these in mind, one can enjoy a carefree time at the beach, which in turn contribute to the bank of wonderful memories a person has in his/her life.