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Cookie time - Lets baking is fun with kids

Mar 06, 2018

Cookie time - Lets baking is fun with kids
Cookie time - Lets baking is fun with kids | Credit: Freepik

Cooking is something which is often thought of as a neat yet experimental activity. Adults or even parents don’t tend to involve kids in cooking due to the mess and also sometimes because of some risk factor associated with it. Cookies are everyone’s favourite –specially during holiday times. And,indulging kids in making them is fun.

But it has been seen that indulging children in cooking actually inculcates a sense of pride in them that they have been included in an activity which is being performed by the adults. Moreover, they tend to eat dishes being made by them, whether it be cookies or something else. Baking cookies is one of the simplest and basic activity which can be done to start off with cooking. It’s very easy to start and implement throughout the whole procedure. It is also a very fun activity at the same time.

Letting children help bake cookies can get a bit messy, but by assigning them tasks based on their ages gives a sense of pride. At the same time they learn key skills. And it's not only about baking something, or giving them some values. It’s all about making some beautiful yet unforgettable memories with them, which both of you are going cherish in the long run.

Some of the things which you can follow while helping them bake something are:

1. Teach them some basic kitchen rules. Before baking with your children or allowing them to even bake without you, they should understand some basic kitchen rules. Like the way they should tie aprons, handle bowls and spoons, how to mix it all. Using the tools correctly is very important to avoid any mischiefs later.

2. Youngest children can just decorate the unbaked or baked cookies. A bit older elementary school-aged kids can roll-out and cut the dough. Middle school goers or older ones can handle the entire recipe on their own.

3. Accept the fact that not all kids love to cook. You might want your kid to cook but he/she might not like the idea. So, don’t force them to do so. It’s totally up to them.

4. Keep cleaning equipments nearby. Baking cookies can be a very messy activity sometimes, so make sure you get the cleaning equipments ready.

5. Try to involve them in as much activities of baking as possible. Whether it be rolling the dough or batter(in case, you are making a batter for cake if cookies is not what your younger members are wishing to bake).

It’s always fun to have children on board. They are a whole lot creative and always eager to learn and experiment, much more than their adult counterparts. So, let them do things their way. But of course, keep a tab on their activities. Learning and care must go hand in hand!