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Engage in the ultimate battle of pen fight

Jan 10, 2018

Engage in the ultimate battle of pen fight
Engage in the ultimate battle of pen fight | Credit: Lukas

Not much is known how the game originated but who cares anyway! It is played by children across all age groups. When classrooms got too boring and all kids had with them were books and a pencil box they made the most of it by gathering around and putting their pens on a desk and hitting them with full vigour.

Often, children were admonished by teachers for playing this game in the class but it has always remained the favorite pastime for them over the years.

Rules of the game:

This game could be played by two or more people. Pen fight can also be played in teams.

First all pens are put on the table and then you start hitting your opponents pen with your finger. The aim is to simply knock off the opponent’s pen from the table in a single hit.

One isn't allowed to touch the pens or lift them. One has to move it by hitting.

This is one game where your strategy, intelligence and hitting techniques make you the winner.

There are various techniques to hit the pen. The key is to practice often to get the perfect shot. The first tactic would be to place your pen in a position where your opponent can’t take an easy shot. Hit the pen off the table in one single strike. Always make sure that that your pen hits the middle part of opponent’s pen.

Another technique to hit the pen would be to use your middle finger and thumb when the pens are parallel to each other.

Recently, the game was given a new avatar and was made available on Google Playstore. You have to download the app "Pen Fight: Clash of the Mighty” to play the game.