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Face Painting Can be an Interesting Festive Art

Feb 14, 2018

Face Painting Can be an Interesting Festive Art
Face Painting Can be an Interesting Festive Art | Credit: Gift Habeshaw

Why relegate face painting only to Halloween? Painting each other’s faces can be a delightful pastime during festive occasions or for children’s parties. Face paints have improved over time and now safe, non-toxic varieties are available that can be easily used.

Earlier face painting was done using ordinary paints which could prove hazardous due to their toxic ingredients. Now this hobby has promoted a new type of business with specially manufactured face paints that are safe to use and made from non-reactive and easily washable substances.

Face painting can be used as an interesting activity at your child’s birthday party and the children will be entertained and delighted. Even young adults may find it amusing if the activity is introduced as a game during a festivity or celebration.

Interesting varieties of face painting paraphernalia include:

  • Glitter paint
  • Luminous paints
  • Make up sets
  • Paint brushes
  • Stick on tattoos
  • Colour sets
  • Application sponges

There are many types of themes available to transform the look from that of a dreaded horror character or a tiger to fairy, doll, or glow in the dark face. Fake makeup to resemble a Halloween character dripping blood or a clown are easily available. The paint can be used effectively and quickly using the absorbent sponges and brushes are specially made for this fun pastime.

Glitter and stick on tattoos or marks can add to the interesting look and several types and varieties are available at online stores or at regular party focussed shops.

Follow the Rules

Painting each other’s faces can be done following certain safety guidelines. Ensure that only non-toxic paints that are specially made for this hobby are used. Care should be taken to avoid using paints on highly sensitive skin types 

This could result in skin rashes or allergic reactions. Never use regular water colours/paints that could have harmful effects. Read and follow the instructions carefully. Hygiene rules must be considered, and both the person who is going to paint and the one getting their face painted must adopt a comfortable position during the painting session. Never use paints just because they are inexpensive rather than for their safety value.

Use ideas from the internet for your face painting activity and gather all materials before the party. Have water, soap, towels, cloths and all designs ready and handy. Ensure that washing off the paint can be done easily. All arrangements must be made for those who need it, such as a washbasin, warm water, mirror, soap and towels.

Painting each other’s faces can be a creative and stimulating activity that could liven up the party and add to festive fun if safety rules are followed. It can be added as a game with prizes given for the best contribution. It need not necessarily be used for scary faces during Halloween but also to create beautiful, imaginative and artistic expressions of individuality.