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Picnics are for Bonding and Having Fun with your Family

Feb 26, 2018

Picnics are for Bonding and Having Fun with your Family
Picnics are for Bonding and Having Fun with your Family | Credit: FreePhotos

When planning a well-deserved break from work it’s a good idea to consider going on a family picnic. Picnics are a one-day activity that can be planned during a long weekend when you have time to drive out to a nice destination. Imagine a picnic to a nearby forested area or park, or by a flowing river among the hills. The mental picture it creates is refreshing and invigorating. So, when it happens you can have a wonderful time with your family in a serene setting and enjoy food, games, fun, communication and the excursion!

Benefits and Plus Points

There are so many health benefits both mental and physical that can be derived from going on a family picnic. Each member of the family will feel emotionally connected with one another, they will feel they are part of a family and will inculcate better family values. Laughing together, eating together and playing games and having fun can supercharge mental health and overall wellbeing.

Everybody can share responsibilities for organizing the picnic and this includes games, food, cleaning up and other tasks and duties. This will make each one feel cared for and improve self-esteem and confidence. Younger members will understand rules of behaviour in a fun way.

Picnics can be invigorating if physical activities such as hiking, games, swimming and rowing are included and these can in turn lead to improved health. It is stress-releasing to go on picnics as you are in a different environment and in the outdoors with your loved ones. Additionally, it’s a detoxing break from electronic devices such as the PC or mobile phones.

If a picnic is planned in natural surroundings, it is refreshing and a nice change away from your usual routine and the urban lifestyle. Enjoying natural beauty of the picnic spot can be relaxing and release endorphins or our happy hormones that uplift our spirits and make us happier.

Plan Well and In Detail

Once you have decided to go on a family picnic keep in mind certain important points to include in your checklist.

  • The picnic destination must be mutually agreed on and how to get there in terms of transportation arrangements should be decided.
  • The list of family members who will attend the picnic should be made.
  • Important things to carry excluding food are: mats or lightweight chairs to sit, insect repellent, first aid kit, games requirements, coolers, stoves, grills, cutlery, plates, glasses, flasks and utensils, ice, fuel, sunhats, sunscreen garbage bags, sanitizers, tissues, wet wipes and so on.
  • Carry food that can be easily served without getting messy, fruits, snacks (everybody gets extra hungry during picnics) and plenty of water, fruit juices and beverages. 

Even a simple picnic planned at a beautiful park near your home can be enjoyable with your family and can be easily organized without much planning. Picnics are memorable quality time spent with our loved ones that benefit us and must be regularly planned every few months. It can be organized to celebrate an event or to simply enjoy togetherness as a family.