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Swing the Statue Will Make Kids Laugh - The Spruce

Jan 10, 2018

Swing the Statue Will Make Kids Laugh - The Spruce
Swing the Statue Will Make Kids Laugh - The Spruce | Credit: Bess Hamiti

No matter which part of the world a child belongs his or her likes, dislikes or habits can be identified with children living in any other part of the world.

One of the popular games that has remained a favorite with children is 'Statue' or 'Freeze'. It is a childhood game we loved to play with our siblings and elders alike because the rules of the game were simple and one could stay statue and hold a person idle for as long as they wanted. Now, one would be surprised to find that the same game is enjoyed by children around the world but the only difference is that they are known by different names in different countries and except for a few changes in the rules they remain the same everywhere.

Statutes is known as Red Light, Green Light in the United States of America. It is played by having one player, called the curator, stand at the end of the field. The other players stand at the opposite end. When the curator turns his back, the other players move toward him or her. But when the curator turns around, the other players must freeze and stand as still as statues. Teammate who is unable to stop quickly is eliminated. The first player to reach the curator wins. The game is also played in slightly different way, where the leader gives each player a pose to enact. After everyone has posed, the leader chooses a winner based on the quality of the pose. The same game is known as 'Grandma's Footsteps’ in the United Kingdom. A slightly different version of the game is played in Greece known as 'Statues', where one player is made to stand with her eyes covered, in the center of a large ground. She starts to count and the other players scatter around and freeze when she screams “Agalmata” making faces or mimicking famous statues. Kids are also allowed to use items such as sticks, a ball, or a Frisbee. The last player remaining composed throughout is the winner. These unstructured outdoor games have always kept children on their toes and contributed to their physical and mental development. No wonder our childhood was awesome.