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The very fascinating game of truth and lie

Jan 10, 2018

The very fascinating game of truth and lie
The very fascinating game of truth and lie | Credit: Geralt

Technological innovations have greatly influenced the way children enjoy their leisure time. Today children spend hours on video games, consoles and gaming tablets limiting their interaction with other children or the outdoors. But in the good old days, there were a few games that taught children about friendship and togetherness.

'The Game of Truth and Lie', is one game we remember playing with our friends at school or neighborhood and often while playing we had come across things we never knew about them that would make us roll on the floor with laughter as we heard some weird stories.

Sometimes the game is also called 'A Game of Truth and Dare', where a person is dared to do something by teammates if he or she loses.

The game is played between two or more participants. They sit in a circle and each person tells two true statements about themselves and one lie the rest of the participants have to guess which statement was a lie.

One way to decide who goes first is to randomly choose one person. Then, if only one person guesses the lie correctly, that person goes next. Alternatively, the person sitting closest to the last person goes next. You can go around the circle as many times as you want and make sure everyone a chance to go at least once.

Players also use some strategies throughout the game. For example, make two average statements. One of them should be the lie. Your true statement should be something unbelievable or surprising and the opponent will suspect the outrageous fact is the lie.

Another tactic would be to make two surprising statements — one of them should be true and the other should be a lie. Your second truth can be a common statement. This will make your friends find it difficult to pick the lie.

The third strategy is to make two hard to digest true statements and a trivial lie. Your friends will assume that the two wild statements can't both be true and pick one of them as a lie.

One comes across the tough part of the game when you run short of fresh ideas. The ideal way is to categorize your hobbies, talent, family, school and develop statements centered around them.