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Therapeutic benefits of Gardening mind and body

Feb 06, 2018

Therapeutic benefits of Gardening mind and body
Therapeutic benefits of Gardening mind and body | Credit: Rawpixel

Cultivating and maintaining your own garden is an act of joy and pride. It is a wonderful feeling to witness a plant grow with time. And, when a garden turns into full-fledged greenery, it most definitely looks beautiful. You must have known that Gardening is an amazing exercise for your body and promotes well-being. But, did you know other benefits that digging in the dirt can bring? A lot! And today we are going to tell you what can you expect after sowing some seeds in your backyard. So, let’s begin:

Reduces Stress and Anxiety:

When you have a long working day, gardening at the end of the day claims to reduce your mental fatigue and stress level. One study was performed for the same with some participants and it was found that 30 minutes of gardening in a day reduced their stress significantly. Gardening is also known as “horticulture therapy” as it allows a person to take a break from their busy life and focus on a relaxed, positive goal for some time.

Working in direct sunlight

Gardening works out to be the best in the early morning, as the sunlight produces natural and healthy light rays at that time. It provides Vitamin D, can help treat depression, fatigue and also affects high blood pressure levels. And, when you work out a little at beginning of the day, you automatically feel good and energetic for the whole day.

Natural organic food

This is a foremost advantage of growing your own fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, pick any food from a local market, and chances are they will be treated with some kind of chemicals. Gardening allows you to grow fresh and ripe vegetables in your home itself and it will ensure that the food you are eating would be of finest quality.

Better Sleep at night

Working out everyday makes a great impact on your sleep and gardening itself is a great exercise for your bones and muscles. The physical activity at the end of day tires you out and you will feel relaxed and your stress levels would be reduced. This will eventually result in a sweet and quite sleep at night.

So that’s it! Today we told you about how gardening can affect your life to a great extent. So, pick out a shovel in your hand and get started from today.