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Variety of camping options: pitch your tent and set off

Feb 15, 2018

Variety of camping options: pitch your tent and set off
Variety of camping options: pitch your tent and set off | Credit: Oziel Gómez

Are you one among the people who love adventures? Be it sports or just a trip for the sake of adventure, people who know what it takes and what it feels will never give a second thought to anything else other than to the idea of pitching a tent and being with the wild. Apart from the adventure, it can be for the purpose of meditation, just bonding with friends or connecting with your team. Camping can be one of the most refreshing activities to the human soul.

Taking off to a bush camp, hiking in a great picturesque landscape, river sides, beach sides, highland, trailing through cold dewy grasslands can be the best thing to do with a bunch of your own people or your buddies.

Going for morning picnics, gazing at the stars while you sleep under the millions glimmering in the sky! Do you feel transcended? Waking up to the fresh morning with whiff of fresh air can not be compared to any fine star hotel room stay. Being with the nature, getting away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city life is what I call a true vacation.

These days there are a lot of varieties of camping activities pre planned by many travel planners. Camping can range from luxurious camps that are already set and act as a shift house to something very rugged and raw.

Camping is actually about setting up that tent anywhere along your trip, to the wild, where you suddenly get the feel, that “Yes! this is the place where I would like to settle down for a while and enjoy” feeling. Pitching the tent in the wild, sleeping in a sleeping bag and circling out a fire at night by collecting sticks from the nature and then may be cuddling with your near ones or simply catching up with the circle of your friends is bliss.

Most camping sites are located well within other scenic sites and attractions, favourable for fun activities and adventures. Camping around a national park, camping around the foothills of mountains, camping next to river beds can give a wide variety of experiences close to nature. All one needs to do is to find a favourite spot where you can pitch the tent.

Camping for foodies can take the experience to another level. Foodie campings are a great way to bond as nothing can facilitate bonding more than food itself. Picking up your tent, carrying a filled bottle of gas for the camping stove and few utensils are all that you would need.

Most campers choose a camping spot near some local farmers market. The idea is to cook what's available fresh and local and savouring it among all, in the midst of the wilderness. Camping close to coasts gives you time to experiment with seafood, while in the plains you get to cook local grown veggies and flesh of some native chickens or lambs!

Now that we have discussed about camping, here is a quick look at few essentials that you need to carry while camping

1) Sleeping gears (tent, rope, sleeping bags and pump)

2) Supplies: flashlight, lighter, camera, sharp pocket knife, plastic bags, etc

3) Personal items like medicines, toiletries, water bottle, first aid box, insect repellent, etc

4) Dressing: good pair of shoes, some slip on types, comfortable dressing, alternate weather clothes

With this let me wind up folks and give you a chance to pave your way towards a great camping experience.