What are the Fun activities that should be performed with Popcorn?
What are the Fun activities that should be performed with Popcorn? | Credit: SSWW Website

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What are the Fun activities that should be performed with Popcorn?

Feb 09, 2018

Popcorn is the one of the delicious and tasty foods for the children. There are numbers of the activities that are performed with the popcorn.

How does the Popcorn Pops?

The Kernel of the Popcorn contains the small drops of the water.

The soft starch is also surrounded by the hard surface of the kernel.

When the Kernel heats up, the water level tends to rise up and soon, it will change into the steam. Then the pressure inside it grows and grows. When we see the popcorn, it is actually the Kernel from the outside.

Fun Activities that can be performed with Popcorn:

Popcorn Addition: You can take the number of the popcorn. You can also take the five plates and five cups. Then you just toss the die. The numbers of the popcorn should be placed in the first place. Then again toss the die, and then place the number of the popcorn in the cup. This procedure can be done by adding or subtracting the popcorn. This will help to improve the addition and subtraction of your child.

Popcorn Taste Test: you can prepare the popcorn in the different flavors, this will help your kid to taste recognition. You can also make the popcorn graphs in order to calculate the results.

Popcorn Patterns: With the help of popcorn, your kid can develop different patterns like the circle, triangle etc.

Popcorn Art: With the help of popcorn, your children can paint the image with popcorn.

Popcorn Stand: In the stick, you can make the popcorn stand. With the help of the stand, you can make the counting, addition and subtraction process easier for the kids.

Popcorn Toss up: Each and every player has to toss the popcorn in the air and then catch it in the mouth. Only one piece can be entered in the mouth. The kids, who have the maximum numbers of the entering, will win the popcorn game.

Popcorn Distance Throw: another game include, throw the popcorn to the far distance. Whose popcorn corn is going farthest, will be the winner of the game.

Popcorn Cup Catch: now try with the cup that was full of popcorns. If the players are able to save their popcorn cup, then they are winner .otherwise they are loser. This can also be played in the counting process.

Popcorn Toothpick Swap: Take popcorn in the one bowl. Then take the empty ball and place it away from the bowl at some distance. Kids have to transfer the popcorn with two toothpicks. Only one popcorn piece is used. The person who has the maximum number of the transfer is the winner of the Popcorn game.

Popcorn Straw Blow: place popcorn on the table. On the other side of the table, each kid is tried to blow the popcorn. The kid, who covers the maximum distance in blowing, is the winner of this wonderful game.