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Famous Indian shore Temples and its rich Lineage by the Sea

Sep 18, 2018

Famous Indian shore Temples and its rich Lineage by the Sea
Famous Indian shore Temples and its rich Lineage by the Sea

Temples are not just places of worship. For many people, temples offer a place to zone out from the daily madness of life. They help us take a breather in a divine surrounding that has been purified by the positive vibrations inside.

Visiting temples is a great way to take some time off your schedule and spend some quiet time with yourself. When temples are located in scenic locations such as beaches, it adds a more serene feel to the whole experience and it becomes a treat to our senses.

So, let us take a look at some amazing temples in India that are located close to beaches. Visit these temples to enjoy a great time along with a spiritual experience.

Bhagavathi Amman Temple

This temple is one of the major tourist attractions of Kanyakumari. In fact, this temple is also called the Devi Kanya Kumari temple. It is situated near to the picturesque spot where the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea meet. It is right next to the ocean and has a very peaceful and divine vibe to it. Whether it is the stunning Amman inside the temple, the ancient temple or the sound of waves lashing nearby, this temple is sure to make you feel at ease with yourself.

Thiruchendur Murugan Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga and is one of the six temples that are considered Muruga’s holy abodes. The simple yet beautiful Dravidian architecture shines through the entire temple and makes for a spectacular sight. The Bay of Bengal is so close to the temple that it looks like it is a part of the architecture too. The serenity of the temple ambience along with the powerful ancient chants that are recited here is something that gives the devotees an out-of-the-world experience.

Mahabaleshwar Temple

This temple is located in Gokarna which is well known for its beautiful beaches. On the stunning coast of the Arabian Sea, this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a piece of art.

The unique architecture gives the temple a very divine vibe and lets the devotees experience peace and tranquillity. The nearby ocean adds to the charm.  

Mahabalipuram Temple

This stunning temple is a UNESCO world heritage site that is actually a group of temples that are remaining from many more temples that have submerged in the Bay of Bengal. Built by the Pallavas, this temple is a sight to behold and will leave you speechless by its beauty. The vast coastline that houses this temple is a beautiful place that can transport you to a different zone. This is a short drive from Chennai and is definitely a must-visit.

Murudeshwar Temple

This is a larger-than-life temple on the Gokarna Beach coastline that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is famously known to house the second largest idol of Lord Shiva and the towering idol that is set against the backdrop of the pristine blue ocean will blow your mind. The temple is built on the Kanduka Hill which is engulfed by the Arabian Sea on three sides and this is one of those temples in India that will fill you with awe.

Ramanathaswamy Temple

This is an ancient temple that is believed to have been visited by Lord Rama during the Ramayana. The temple’s main deity is Lord Ishwara and it is located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is known for its antiquity and the holy wells within the temple. People are seen taking a dip in the ocean before entering the temple and it is a unique experience indeed.