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How about Watching solar and lunar eclipse as a Hobby!

Apr 08, 2019

How about Watching solar and lunar eclipse as a Hobby!
How about Watching solar and lunar eclipse as a Hobby! | Photography: Iristmirror

What a thrilling and enjoyable time it is to observe the eclipse of the moon and the eclipse of the sun! What a great moment to observe this marvel of creation! And some people in India and around the world have made observing the eclipse their hobby!

Wow! I was extremely thrilled to watch the eclipse of the sun when I took up this hobby! It was one of the most exciting moments in my life! And my hobby of watching eclipses began that very year!

What about you? How can you enjoy the hobby of watching the eclipse of the sun or the moon?

Plan advance

The key to enjoying eclipse observation is advance preparation. Usually precise days and exact times for the next solar or lunar eclipse are on the internet. So check and indicate on your calendar so that you don’t miss. Or you may set a reminder on your phone or computer so that it will keep reminding you.

Prepare funds in advance

If observation of the eclipse will be in another part of India or another country, then you will have to prepare enough funds for lodging or accommodation, food and transport. Find out in advance what kind of lodges or hotels are available in that area so that you can book in advance if possible. 

Plan to enjoy it others

For an eclipse occasion to be enjoyable and exciting, go with your friends and family. This is great because you can share nice moments together. You can talk about each stage of the eclipse together. You can capture every stage on the camera together. You can laugh together as you enjoy observing every stage of the eclipse.

Take a good zooming camera with you

Invest money in a good camera that allows you to zoom and capture the eclipse precisely. Using a small camera with insufficient zooming won’t give you amazing results that are as good as they should be if you use a better zooming camera. If you are travelling abroad, you may choose to buy a camera in your country.

Buy special glasses for viewing the solar eclipse

It is important that you purchase good and original special glasses for viewing the solar eclipse. Why? You need them in order to protect your eyes. Make sure you buy original glasses because during this time people want to do business and make quick money. And they will do anything to make money! And if you buy counterfeit glasses, you sight might be damaged.

Take binoculars with you

You may think of investing in some good binoculars for viewing the eclipse. If you plan to travel to another country, perhaps you can purchase this locally. Such binoculars will make you enjoy your hobby of observing the eclipse by bringing the images of the sun or moon close enough! It will tell you the whole story in a more precise and secular way!

When enjoying the eclipse of the moon as a hobby, you may observe the eclipse of the moon at every stage with your naked eye, too!

The joy of observing the eclipse!


You can view the eclipse of the moon and the sun outside with other people.

Doing this allows you to share joyful moments with different people. It allows you to meet people of different cultures. It’s a fine moment to share information on the eclipse. And it’s ideal for capturing pictures!


You may also enjoy watching the eclipse of the sun or the moon inside a building if that allows you to see it properly at each stage. I remember enjoying watching the eclipse of the moon on two occasions inside the house! But I also watched both outside the house. I had a wonderful time!

 The pleasure of taking pictures!

During the eclipse, one of the most fascinating things you can pursue is taking pictures of the eclipse. You want to keep the memories of the eclipse that you will be looking at long after the eclipse is gone. Make sure you take the pictures of the moon or sun at all stages!

For example, it is so awe-inspiring to capture the shape of the sun as it changes slowly from a tiny eclipse, a quarter eclipse, a half eclipse, a three quarters eclipse to that amazing total eclipse! And it becomes completely dark! How exciting to take pictures of each of the solar eclipses!

Which is the next eclipse of the sun or moon that you are looking forward to enjoying observing as your hobby? Have a good time!