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How to turn a Bad day into an Awesome One..!

Oct 11, 2018

How to turn a Bad day into an Awesome One..!
How to turn a Bad day into an Awesome One..! | Credit: Incimages

Bad days are like sudden hurricanes that come out of nowhere and turn all those bright and shiny skies gloomy in a split-second. It could be endless traffic, your boss’s bad mood, too much of work pressure or even just a bad cup of coffee that spoils your mood for the entire day.

However, the way you sign-off your day can impact your overall happiness in a big way. So, here are few tips to finish your bad day in a good way and sleep with a smile on your face. 

Credit: Wikihow
Credit: Wikihow

Thank-you notes for sweet memories

Take out that favorite notebook of your and start penning down thank-you notes for all the good things in your life. You can convey your gratitude to people, places, things, situations, pets, etc. The nature of your note is restricted only to your imagination. The great thing about doing this is that it will make your remember all your good memories and will leave you with a smile.

List down the favorite things in your life

Make a list of all the things that you love in your life. It could be what you already have or what you wish to have some day. Whether it is a certain ice cream flavor that you love or a travel destination that has been on your list for long, describe how much you like it and why it is special for you. This is bound to bring you positive vibrations and brighten up your mood instantly.

Time for your forrest gump moment

Remember the classic movie called Forrest Gump? The protagonist of the movie decides to take a run to deal with the difficulties in his life and it turns out to be life-changing for him. We might not need to stretch it that far, but taking a run is always a liberating experience. The exercise will release feel-good chemicals in your brain and you will feel lighter for sure.

Credit: Freepik
Credit: Freepik

Some music therapy to the rescue

Whether you prefer rock music or classical music, music has the innate ability to transport you to a world of bliss. The way that music switches off your current environment and switches on a new, peaceful one is amazing to experience. If you are a person who can enjoy music often then it is wise to invest in a music system that lets you listen to music at high quality. Even otherwise, just get your headphones and you are all set to go. Music on, world off! 

Indulge in your weakness for a bit

All of us have weaknesses that we try hard to get out of. While weaknesses are definitely bad for our well-being, indulging in them sometimes gives us that much needed break and some good self-love. As long as your weakness is not too harmful for yourself or to people around you, let your self-control go for a stroll in the park as you enjoy giving-in to your weakness. Stop counting the calories and order that cheese-burst, maybe?

Make that 3am call

True friendships have a unique way of continuing even when it seems like the friends have drifted apart. Having a good support system is very important for a happy life. Catch-up with that best friend with whom you lost touch as you got busy with work. It will be the best decision you make as you start-off from where you left and have a great time.