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Knitting: World’s Simplest Wellness Mantra!

Dec 14, 2018

Knitting: World’s Simplest Wellness Mantra!
Knitting: World’s Simplest Wellness Mantra! | Credit: Xxolgaxx

There are certain activities I do whenever I feel so stressed or bored. The most favourite among them is knitting.

Does it really relax our mind?

Yes of course! I feel stress-free when I spend time alone sitting in the corner. The quality time, time for myself, my creativity and get an amazing outcome is so good.

I keep my hands busy when I need to make my mind focused.

When compared to other hobbies, Yes! Knitting has quite a number of mental, physical and emotional benefits.

“Stitch Away Stress” campaign in honour of National Stress Awareness month Dr. Herbert Benson, a pioneer in mind and body medicine and author of “The Relaxation Response” says that the repetitive action of needle work can induce a relaxed state like that related to meditation and yoga.

According to ‘Craft Yarn Council’ report a third of women ages 25 to 35 and above now involve in hobbies like knit or crochet.

Knitting results in certain health benefits such as reduces or lowers the heart rate by 11 beats per minute and lowers the blood pressure. It reduces harmful blood levels of the stress hormone.

This kind of art work gives a sense of purpose. It boosts our confidence and spirits, enhances our self esteem, relieves us from stress and gives a creative fulfilment. Most of all the above we get a neat craft work at the end all made by us and that gives a sense of satisfaction.

As per the study in 2011 by Dr. Yonas E Geda a psychiatrist, Mayo clinic in Rochester engaging in knitting and crocheting reduces chances of developing mild cognitive impairment and memory loss as it helps to maintain cognitive health and promotes development of neural pathways.

Hobbies usually provide us the relaxation and a stress-free thought after a busy day schedule. In addition to that knitting provides us a sense of satisfaction of creation and it also allows our brain to solve complex and hectic problems.

This is the reason says, “Karen Zila Hayes’ life coach in Toranta” that they have knitting therapy programmes. Knitting is a part of art activities at schools and prisons as this has a calming effect and also enhances social skills. In schools knitting has become a part of art work as it is believed that it improves children’s math ability and sharpens their memory.

He also explains about the practice called ‘knit to quit’ for smokers to quit smoking. One more amazing benefit would be ‘knit to heal’. As per this, knitting and crocheting makes it harder for us to register pain signals. And thus it helps us to get heal from a pain or hurt fast.

Knitting is also one of the easiest ways to reduce weight. Home makers or women spend their free time in front of television. They are addicted to snacking and mindless eating during this time. Spending time in knitting may result in less snacking and mindless eating out of boredom.

The health benefits that we get out of this activity are amazing!

We get stressed normally because of our problems and issues. But involving in knitting reduces the stress and keeps us free from all the unwanted thoughts and worries. In other words this replaces stress and anxiety with the satisfaction of creation. This activity keeps our fingers nimble.

Thus we could really feel that knitting has quite a number of benefits such as health benefits and emotional benefits. It calms anxiety, helps manage pain, sharpens our memory, enhances our social skills and keeps our brain healthy for years.