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Martial Arts – A hobby that is Fun and Useful!

Jul 05, 2018

Martial Arts – A hobby that is Fun and Useful!
Martial Arts – A hobby that is Fun and Useful! | Credit: Circulomilitarcampogrande

Ever been in a theatre watching action films? I'm sure that there have been moments during such experiences where you were awestruck by the fights and the gravity-defying action scenes. There is something inside us humans that attracts us to physical duels and fights. But, violence almost always ends up putting us in regrettable situations and always poses the danger of harming people and surroundings. So, it is definitely a very bad idea in real life.

But, what if there was a legitimate way of kicking some butt and utilizing all that pent up adrenaline without real-life harm? Well, there is! Martial Arts are wonderful forms of fights that emphasise on physical and mental strength while also whipping up some really cool moves.

So, what’s so great about learning martial arts, you ask. Let us take a look.

Credit: Jason Briscoe
Credit: Jason Briscoe

Variety of options to choose from -

There are a number of different martial arts that you can choose to learn. From Kung fu, Karate, Taekwondo and Kalaripayattu to kick-boxing, mixed martial arts and boxing, you can go through the different forms of martial arts and choose what captures your interest. Each one is great on its own and whatever your personality type is, there is something for all kinds of people.

Acts as a wholesome physical workout -

Martial Arts are definitely not easy on your body. Learning and practising Martial Arts will give your body a wholesome workout and help you get fitter than ever before. Apart from giving a good workout to your whole body, it helps you develop strength in your core muscles and thus makes you much stronger than before.

Gives you the confidence to defend yourself and loved ones

The practical uses of Martial Arts are plenty. It makes you more alert in all situations and if the need arises, it gives you the skill and confidence to defend yourself and your loved ones in dangerous situations. That said, the first rule of most Martial Arts is to never initiate a fight without reason and to always limit the use of violence in life because that is where real strength lies.

Credit: Ben_Kerckx
Credit: Ben_Kerckx

It builds discipline, pride and mental strength

As much as Martial Arts look like a physical art, it is actually an art that requires immense mental strength. The practice of Martial Arts needs discipline, endurance, patience and mental stamina. Though it involves a lot of physical movement, it is meant to calm the mind and keep it clear from negative thoughts.

It is an exciting hobby

All in all, Martial Arts is a cool hobby that offers some great benefits to your body and mind as well as gives a great outlet for your pent-up energy. It is a hobby that will change the way you approach life. Plus, it gives the attractive side-effect of making you look super cool in front of your friends and family by showing off some impressive moves!

Indian and Asian origin Martial Arts are definitely more suited for Indians and there is also the antiquity factor that makes our Martial Arts a very attractive and healthy choice. Many of the Asian Martial Arts are hundreds of years old and are seen more as a science than as a mere form of fighting.

So, look-up some forms of Martial Arts, see what interests you and get going. Make sure that you find a good institute with ample infrastructure and qualified instructors to teach you right. It is definitely better to opt for a course that will award you with a certificate on successful completion as these courses tend to have better standards.