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Slackining - An unusual hobby that's gaining pace and recognistion in India

Aug 23, 2018

Slackining - An unusual hobby that's gaining pace and recognistion in India
Slackining - An unusual hobby that's gaining pace and recognistion in India | Credit: Merkur

Slacklining is an activity where a person has to walk on a thin rope or webbed material that is tied at a certain height from the ground. The rope is not tied too tightly and hence it dips a little bit when you step on it. It requires a lot of balance and practice to get this activity right and whoever attempts this need to be trained systematically to do the activity without inflicting injury to their body.

People all over the world are starting to take up this activity more and more. There are professional slackliners all over the world. However, for Indians, this is not a very new thing. It has been a common sight to watch slackliners putting up road shows in many places in India. However, this was done in a very amateur fashion and many people have been accused of exploiting young children to perform slacklining on the roads for some money. While such exploitative practices have to be banned for sure, the activity itself is a fun thing to do when you have trained appropriately and have safety mechanisms in place.

In 2016, slacklining made its debut in India as a contest in the Covelong Point Surf and Music festival. The competition was called the Slackline India Championship and it was a good start for people to start looking at slacklining as a sport.

There has been rising interest in India and many major cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai have growing communities of slackliners today.

If you are interested to take up this sport then look for training arenas in your city and get going. Again, make sure that you find the right coach and always practise with all safety measures in place. This is very important because the sport has its share of risk and you will be prone to injury if you make mistakes. Still not sure if you want to try your hand at it? Read on about some of the benefits of slacklining.

Improves balance

Balance is a much-underestimated aspect of fitness. Balance is the key to a strong body and to avoid injuries. As you try to balance your whole body to walk on the rope, every muscle in your body will be put to work and this improves fitness levels tremendously.

Corrects posture

Bad posture affects all parts of the body from bones to organs adversely. Slacklining can improve your posture drastically and make it a habit for you to keep your body in the perfect posture. You will have better control over your posture and this can also help you to avoid common lifestyle problems such as neck-pain, back-pain, etc.

Enhances focus & alertness

Becoming meditative has a wide range of positive effects on your body and mind. While quietening the mind is a very difficult task normally, activities such as slacklining force you to have a single-minded focus and hence help you to go into a meditative state.

One second of distraction can make you slip or lose balance when you are slacklining. The peace that stems from absolute focus is a big advantage of slacklining.

Increases core strength

Core strength is something that all of us are after. Though there are many ways to achieve this, slacklining is definitely a very effective way. You can strengthen your core by practising slacklining as the core muscles are to be controlled and put to use properly in order to maintain balance and walk on the rope.

On the whole, slacklining can give you good health, endurance, strength, mental peace, good posture and great shape too! So, discover this sport for yourself and experience the excitement.