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Slip 'n' Slide: A refreshing Changeover for Kids!

Dec 07, 2018

Slip 'n' Slide: A refreshing Changeover for Kids!
Slip 'n' Slide: A refreshing Changeover for Kids! | Credit: Sterrade

Importance of Playing Outside

Playing for children is not only about fun and games rather it is crucial for their growth and the development of their brain, body and intellect. It has been proven that children acquire knowledge through play, experimentation, exploration and discovery.

Many fundamental tasks that children usually develop, such as, exploring, risk-taking, fine and gross motor development and the absorption of vast amounts of basic knowledge, is most effectively learned through playing outside.

For example, while playing outdoors, children do a lot of movements including over, under, through, beside, and near playthings and other objects. The child will understand the meaning of these prepositions and geometry concepts better from practice rather than from indoor classes.

Similarly, they will also get exposed to new words like stomping, striking and even words that describe different physical activities and thereby enabling them to differentiate the differences of similar words. Also, through the practice of ‘learning by doing’ helps create more neural networks in the brain and throughout the body, making the whole body physically active.

During summer, the kids prefer sitting indoors and always end up playing video games, watching movies, playing on their tablets etc., which is not good for the kids as it involves lesser physical activities.

This is where Slip ‘N Slide comes into the picture. Slip n Slide is a very good plaything for kids. This will not only let kids play outside and enjoy the summer with the splash of water to cool them. 

kids fun games
kids fun games

What is Slip N Slide?

The Slip ’N Slide is a toy that was invented by Robert Carrier. It was first introduced in 1961. It is a simple toy, just a long sheet of thin plastic, flanked lengthwise on one side by a heat-sealed tubular fold.

The tube can be connected to an ordinary garden hose. Water flows through the tube and out of small holes, spraying water onto the sliding surface. The Slip ’N Slide becomes very slippery, enabling kids to jump onto the plastic and then slide through the length of the sheet.

Some Slip ’N Slide also includes an inflatable pool at one end of the sliding surface and spray tubes on both sides. This gives the kids a chance of having fun through swimming and also splashing water in summer.