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The Dream Runners Half Marathon 2018 in Chennai

Aug 01, 2018

The Dream Runners Half Marathon 2018 in Chennai
The Dream Runners Half Marathon 2018 in Chennai | Credit: DR

Marathons are cathartic in a way. They help you gain a sense of achievement by just participating as a runner. And, when you train adequately and get competitive, it can pave way for you to win too!

The seventh edition of the Dream Runners Half Marathon took place in Chennai on July 22nd, 2018. Amidst cheers and celebrations, the participants ran the race with enthusiasm and year the number of participants rose to 4,500 runners. 

Credit: Dream Runners
Credit: Dream Runners

The runners came from all over India and gathered at Olcott Memorial High School in Besant Nagar. The finishers were applauded with a roaring cheer and there was a special chenda melam being played for the winners.

There were two categories in the marathon. The 21kms run started at 4 30 am while the 10kms run started at 5 30 am. Conducted in partnership with the Times of India, the marathon is one of the most awaited ones in the country. Each year, the marathon and the winners put the spotlight on some important societal issues and this year the marathon was lauded for being litter-free. There were, in fact, several people who ran with a plastic bag to collect litter on the road. The overall usage of plastic was also drastically reduced this time. 

The flagship event has been taking place for four years and all proceeds of the event are donated for charitable causes. This time, funds were raised to support Freedom Trust which is an NGO that provides free prosthetic legs to amputees in various regions of India.

Asha Rajini, who is a cancer survivor and a diabetic, won the first place in the 21kms senior veteran women category. She says that it was by chance that she came across marathon preparations and then eventually participated in the marathon. She is an example of grit and courage. Deleted:a

Shamala Manmohan won in the 10kms senior veteran category. She is a former bank employee and she was very happy about her win. She says that she always participates in various marathons. There was another separate category for participants in wheelchairs. 

Credit: Dream Runners
Credit: Dream Runners

Shailesh Kumar from Bihar participated in this category and he said that he came to Chennai specifically to participate in the marathon. Baba A, who won the first prize in the senior veteran men 21kms category, is an employee in the forest department. He says that he has been running marathons for 15 years and has won many such marathons till now. It was also good to see several prominent people like Sumit Ganguli, the CEO of GAVS, taking part in the marathon. He had flown in from the USA for the event. 

On the whole, the marathon was a grand success and enthusiasm was crackling in the air as all runners and on-lookers had a great time. With each edition of the marathon getting better and garnering a better response, the event is only expected to get better every year.

Chennai has been seeing a lot of such marathons in the recent past and the people of Chennai are welcoming all these marathons with open arms. People from all over India also feel comfortable taking part in marathons in Chennai.

Next in the pipeline is the Pinkathon that is scheduled to take place in Chennai on August 5th, 2018. A brainchild of Milind Soman to put the focus on women empowerment, Pinkathon is a much-awaited marathon for many. 

The event takes place in many prominent cities of India and the Chennai version is expected to see a lot of excitement. This event is now open for registration till 27th July. So, if you are planning to be a part of this marathon then hurry and register before the places run out.