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Would you Love to pursue the hobby of Stamp collection?

Apr 18, 2019

Would you Love to pursue the hobby of Stamp collection?
Would you Love to pursue the hobby of Stamp collection? | Photography: Invaluable

The hobby of collecting stamps is older than anyone alive today. It started over 130 years old. And it all began shortly after the first stamps went into use in the world. Men and women, young and old have since been interested in collecting stamps.

You might as well start collecting national or international stamps as your hobby. How then can you go about this stamp collection and enjoy doing it?  

How to enjoy collecting stamps

In order to enjoy collecting stamps, it might be easier to focus on a specific field of interest instead of collecting haphazardly. It’s all up to a person to choose what kind of stuff you will be collecting on that on a particular thing.

Collection of stamps for the sake of art

Are you interested in art? Then you may think of collecting stamps that cover some designs and that seem to highlight art itself. Sports

Collection of stamps with flowers

Flowers are a delight and a marvel to see even in a picture! So if you love flowers, you might want to collect some stamps that depict or show flowers with different beauty, colours and appearance.

You might love to see exotic flowers, too.

Collection of stamps with animals and birds

If you are interested in animals and birds, then you can start collecting stamps that show different animals and birds. You can collect stamps with pictures of a wide range of mammals, reptiles, amphibians from different places. You can also collect stamps of birds of different sizes and beauty.

Collection of stamps of a particular country

Some people who pursue the hobby of stamp collection choose to focus on a particular country. There are things that they like about that country. And they collect stamps with pictures of those things through stamps. They collect stamps from that country starting from their culture, places, people, food, natural resources and so on.

Collection of stamps of one particular continent

In your stamp collection hobby, you may choose to focus only on a specific continent. Is it Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, or South America? You may focus on what makes each continent unique with its different states. You may also focus on other different and awesome aspects of the continent.

Collection of stamps of a specific period of time

In your hobby of stamp collection, you can also think of collecting stamps that were used during a certain period of time. For example, it might be a certain period of time in the past or it could be some stamps that were used for a number of years.

Collection of stamps to study a certain issue

You may choose to focus on a particular issue that you want to study and understand. Then you can start collecting stamps talking about that particular issue in your hobby of stamp collection.

Collection of stamps with bridges

Sometimes we are amazed to see the engineering and brains that went into constructing some bridges! And if you are one of those people who get impressed by the intelligence that goes into making bridges, why not make it your aim to collect such stamps that show bridges?

Collection of stamps with different races and cultures

Perhaps you love people of different races and cultures. Then you can focus on collecting stamps that show all such on stamps.

 How to keep your stamps

The best way to keep stamps is by putting them in a stamp album. Some of these photos albums:

  • Are blank stamp albums for you to arrange stamps in nice way according to what you prefer
  • Have illustrations of talking about issues that they are representing
  • Have pages with names of countries
  • Have spaces for other stamps according to the date they were issued
  • Transparent plastic sleeves make easy for one to see

Persons and places where you can get stamps

Where can get you stamps is this era of phones, internet, and emails? You can get stamps from:

- People from other countries who have stored stamps.

- Friends and family members who have kept old stamps.

- Offices as they dispose off old envelopes with stamps.

If collecting stamps is something that you want to make your hobby, we hope some of these tips and suggestions will make you enjoy it to the fullest!