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What it's Like to Watch the IPL match Live on the Stadium

Apr 09, 2018

What it's Like to Watch the IPL match Live on the Stadium
What it's Like to Watch the IPL match Live on the Stadium | Credit: India TV

Its April, the season for the commencement of the Indian Premier League 2018 and the entire country is basking in sheer exuberance and excitement. Cricket stadiums are decked up beautifully for the upcoming matches that are going to keep the air charged up with anticipation of the results. As the game will be reaching its zenith soon, people are dancing on their toes for getting a ticket for the game. Now, who would like to sit back at home and not experience the joyous nature of the audience?

Every year, thousands of tickets are distributed amongst the buzzing crowd that revels in the glory of the famous cricketers playing the game gracefully on the field. It’s a sight to behold, watching them compete against each other with so much determination painted on their face that the molecules in the air stop shortly to witness the terrific cricket match.

However, with the growing excitement, there still lingers a question that pops out very often in most of the minds.

Is watching an IPL match live worth the shot?

Well, the answer to this question is controversial because, with many exciting bonuses that come with a live match, some disadvantages make their appearance. This is why an experience of watching a live match with your own eyes sitting in one of the rows in the stadium is too much. So let’s see, what it is like to watch your favourite, your lovable player hitting a boundary or catching a ball!

Meeting new friends!

What is a better place than a cricket stadium to meet new friends, new people from places you have only dreamt of visiting! Sitting in the stadium and surrounded with people of different culture, different language, different nationality is the most exciting factor of a live stadium match is amazing and when its IPL, the fun is tripled. It is the best site to socialize with people in person and cheer your team along with those strangers who for a moment become your best companions.

No restriction on watching the game

Unlike sitting at home and sending silent prayers to not have any hindrance, watching an IPL game while sitting in the standing is far more adventurous. At least you will not have to constantly worry about any interruption in the game and miss out crucial moments like when the third umpire’s decision is pending. While watching the game in front of you, no one can interrupt your sweet moment and hence, you can have the complete fun of tracing every ball movement in the field.

Meeting with superstars

Be it, Shah Rukh Khan or Preity Zinta, the entire crowd shimmers with joy and hope of meeting with the superstars and catching a single glimpse of them. It is quite blissful to see them walking in front of you in person when all we could have imagined some eleven or twelve years back was to watch them only on screens. It is almost like a dream come true, watching a live game and meeting the superstars!

Supporting your favourite team

Nothing matters most other than sharing the joy with your favourite IPL team. Be it a boundary by the team or their skilled performance on the field, everything needs a huge round of applause and that is the moment which everyone craves for, standing and paying gratitude to the players. Your motivation, cheering and encouragement help them to fight on the field and win the game.

Witnessing the match LIVE

Sitting on a couch, watching the match on the TV and sitting in a chair of the stadium, and watching every movement, every moment with your own eyes is different. TV cameras cannot show all the moments perfectly, sometimes many important things are hidden from the cameras. However, that wouldn’t happen if you are watching the game in the stadium itself. It's a divine feeling to watch the euphoric expression on the faces of the players after they play a game and also to witness the look of determination etched on the faces of the players who have lost the current game.