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Modi storm Overpowers mass Suspension of Teachers in TN

Jan 28, 2019

Modi storm Overpowers mass Suspension of Teachers in TN
Modi storm Overpowers mass Suspension of Teachers in TN | Credit: Trending360

A hashtag war broke out on twitter as Prime Minister Narendra Modi planned to visit Madurai on Sunday to lay the foundation for All India Institute for Medical Sciences. The people of the state stormed micro-blogging websites with two conflicting hashtags #GobackModi and #TNWelcomesModi much before the leader of the saffron party reached Tamil Nadu. Most of the tweets portrayed the face of the late political leader EVR Periyar and the sketch of Tamil Nadu trying to expel the lotus party.

DMK leaders and the people from the official Tamil Nadu youth congress party were those who predominantly applied the hashtags in their tweets. 

Though the majority of the people were unhappy with the BJP's intervention, people did post favourable tweets with the hashtags #TNwelcomesModi and #MaduraiThanksModi, welcoming the inauguration of Medical College in Madurai. The prime minister is also supposed to inaugurate the super-speciality zones of Thanjavur Medical College and Rajaji Medical College. 

BJP supporters in Tamil Nadu and the rivals of Congress took to Twitter to post tweets idolizing Modi. The official page of BJP-Tamil Nadu read the following

"He is not some politician's son.

He is not an actor turned politician. He is not even from a middle class family.

He was just a chaiwaala once.

His honesty & dedication made him my PM @BJP4India @PMOIndia @DrTamilisaiBJP @narendramodi @PonnaarrBJP @PMuralidharRao"

Why TN doesn't want BJP's entry?

In the virtual war between the BJP supporters and opposers, it is obvious that the number of tweets with the hashtag #GoBackModi were much more than the supporting ones. The posts expressed people's dissatisfaction with the central government over multiple issues. They reflected the PM's silence during the disaster caused by Gaja cyclone. Lakhs of trees were uprooted and many people were left homeless.

Not just the political supporters, even the common people tried to keep the saffron party at bay by tweeting the cases of NEET introduction and disputes in setting up Cauvery Management board. People pointed out a few sensitive suicide cases as the result of NEET examination.

MDMK leader threatened to hold black placards against the central government for ignoring the benefits of the state.

Teachers suspension in Tamil Nadu

While the state of Tamil Nadu is trending with the hashtags for and against the Prime Minister, another news has become the most talked about in the state. 

Nearly 400 teachers have been suspended for being involved in strikes for an increase in pay and pension. The Tamil nadu government launched the sudden decision following the five-day-long indefinite strike by Joint Action Council of Tamil Nadu Teachers’ Organisations and Government Employees’ Organisations (JACTTO-GEO).

Minister Jayakumar expressed that the employees should not involve in strike by demanding things that are not within the scope of Tamil Nadu government. An increase in hike for the higher secondary school teachers will create an impact on the pay scales of other government employees.

The School education department stated the suspension could not be avoided as many teachers were jailed for the protests and had come out in bail. They cannot be allowed to work as they have FIRs against them.

DMK leader stalin asked to government to hold talks regarding the suspension of teachers.

The department of school education declared that protesters will be punished for ignoring their duties but can escape from further action if they attended the republic day celebrations on Saturday and got back to desks on Monday. Most of the people involved in strike failed to take up the option and hence were suspended.