Shocking: School Kids were forced to Drink animal Urine.
Shocking: School Kids were forced to Drink animal Urine | Credit: Newsminute

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  • Shocking: School Kids were forced to Drink animal Urine.

Shocking: School Kids were forced to Drink animal Urine.

Dec 06, 2018

The students of Chennai Public School in Thirumazhisai had gone to Chokhi Dhani in Sriperumbudur on November 8. It is a Rajasthani village set-up on the outer part of Chennai. The parents of the students who sent their wards on a field trip have alleged that the students were forced to drink camel urine and beaten up when they refused. The police have arrested two staffs of the restaurant and the parents claim that the school has been unapologetic about the incident.

A parent who spoke on this shocking incident said that there was no one around the 400 children to supervise, though 22 teachers went along with the children for the field trip. The parent also said that during lunch time, students and teachers were sitting in two different dining halls and a staff member of the Chokhi Dhani restaurant locked the students in a small room. Since there was no way to escape the children began to feel claustrophobic and they reportedly knocked on the door and the Chokhi Dhani Restaurant staff member beat the children with a PVC pipe taken from the bathroom. As reported, when the students attempted to run out they were chased by the staff members.

One of the students of the school alleged that they were hit on the head and ears. 

“They showed us a bottle and said it is camel urine and we will be made to drink. I refused. Then they hit me with an iron rod,” said the student. The parent says that the kids were offered urine as part of the 'experience', but they refused.

“They don’t plan on giving us answers. They are trying to divert attention by focussing on the upcoming Christmas celebrations. They are not allowing us to meet the principal. They are saying they are under stress. We are not even allowed inside the school campus to complain,” adds the parent.

Tamil Nadu has been witnessing widespread protests against this incident across the state following the complaints of the parents. One student who was part of the protest said, “Many people have been protesting but the central government is not taking any action, that is why we also decided to come here and protest today. Students also alleged that two or three students were beaten up by their headmistress, and were threatened that they would be expelled. However, the school later reportedly promised not to take any action against students for participating in the protests. But no solution could be arrived at. Parents were asked to submit their complaints to the CEO and the CBSE officials in Chennai, based on which action would be initiated against the school, said an official from the School Education Department.

Meanwhile, another circular issued by the school claimed that the management is disturbed by Friday’s events. It is contemplating two options--closing down both schools or transferring ownership to an individual or an institution to manage its affairs. 

The school authorities reportedly told them that they had ‘filled out the feedback from of Chokhi Dhani’ in response to their complaints. While two staff members have been arrested by the Vellavedu police, the parents say that the school has been unapologetic. A senior police officer said that, Om Prakash and Pankaj, who are the two employees of Chokhi Dhani had been arrested under the Indian Penal Code Section 323 (Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) as well as under provisions of the Child Welfare Act. “Child protection officers and representatives of the Education Department also came to investigate. The parents demanded a written letter stating that this kind of incident will not be repeated. The management has also written a statement to this effect and given it to us,” he said.