The Pollachi Sex Scandal is a shame!
The Pollachi Sex Scandal is a shame! | Photography: Newsd

The Pollachi Sex Scandal is a shame!

Mar 13, 2019

We frequently read about the statistics reports that say that a certain number of rapes are happening every few minutes in the country. We are used to these shocking statistics now. However, the punishment given to rapists is never in news, at least not as frequently in news as the rape incidents. This pretty much sums up how our society is looking at rape and sexual harassment. It is the victim who is in the spotlight. The details of the cases, often gory, are discussed. Once enough is spoken about the details, people forget about it. What happens to the rapists or criminals after that? We seldom know. The sad part is that we are okay with being this way.

The latest sex scandal to rock the state of Tamil Nadu and the entire country is the Pollachi scandal that shows that women’s security is a joke in this country.

What happened?

It started with a 19 year-old victim filing an FIR about a group of men who had assaulted her sexually in a closed vehicle by stripping her and shooting a video of the dreadful incident.

This snowballed into a larger issue as investigations showed that the main accused in the case were actually a part of a whole system of sexual assault where they would lure women through social media and shoot sexual videos forcefully to blackmail the victims later on and extort money!

Over 50 women are allegedly affected in this scandal, although there are no rapes reported in this scandal, it is equally bone-chilling to see this organised setup for sexual assault in Pollachi.

 It is disturbing to see that none of the other women who have been assaulted are ready to come forward and lodge a complaint against these criminals. But then, they cannot be blamed either. Our society does not treat the victims of sexual assault kindly. Maybe if we start to treat the criminals with the same kind of hostility there will remain a chance for such crimes to not take place?

The four main accused are Thirunavukkarasu, Sathish, Sabarirajan and Vasanthakumar and they have been booked under the Goondas Act as of now which detains then for one year.

The case turned uglier when the video of one of the victims got leaked and was circulated on social media. This was also milked by a few media houses as a way of increasing TRPs. This was condemned by the public and the video was removed.

Political connections

Allegations that a local MLA’s son is involved in the racket gave a new turn to the case. Political parties have started to take sides and the DMK is staging protests demanding that action should be taken immediately and the criminals should be punished to the full extent.

The opposition parties also accused the ruling party of protecting the criminals. Subsequently, the state government has now ordered for a CBI probe.

What is next?

While the CBI probe is a good step, it remains to be seen if all the criminals involved in this will be rightly persecuted or not. The situation is still not conducive for other victims to come out in the open and providing this environment is of utmost importance now.

A society where sexual assault victims are empowered and criminals are punished is what will put an end to the heinous acts of crimes that are happening in our country. We hope that the CBI conducts a transparent investigation and spares no criminal, whether they are politically connected or not. This is what will bring justice to the number of victims who have suffered horribly in this case.