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8 Reasons Why Bangalore is catching up in the race to be Best Indian City

Feb 20, 2018

8 Reasons Why Bangalore is catching up in the race to be Best Indian City
8 Reasons Why Bangalore is catching up in the race to be Best Indian City | Credit: Zricks Website

Delhi and Mumbai have always been involved in some or the other kind of petty issues now and then. These two cities have always been on the run for being the best Indian city. While they are busy maintaining their statuses, Bangalore has come a long way and flourished so well in the recent years. The city has not only achieved new heights, but is also known as the Silicon Valley of India.

In this post, we will see why Bangalore is one of the best Indian cities and is catching up fast in the race.

Reasons why Bangalore is one of the best Indian Cities

1. The all powerful IT sector

Bangalore is the only city in India that has a word termed after it. “Bangalored” means that one has been laid off due to the process of outsourcing. This is an example of the tremendous impact of the city on the international IT sector. In this city, you would find a job for everyone!

2. Enjoy your time at the Pubs

Just like Mumbai that parties as if it never sleeps, Bangalore boasts of its enormous range of pubs and nightclubs. There are amazing pubs and nightclubs that will surely win your heart. It is safe, it is nice and it is modern! What else do you need of a city?

3. Bask in the beauty of the Lakes

Bangalore has many picturesque locations that will give you some time off the busy city lives. There are many nearby locations like Nandi Hills that give you a sense of natural beauty, away from the noise of the city. You can enjoy the view of beautiful lakes, gardens and more!

4. Women safety is maintained

Contrary to the cases that we hear in Delhi and Gurgaon, Bangalore is a much safer place to be for women. Here, women can move around freely, even at the odd hours of the day. The city is also very welcoming to foreigners.

5. Favourable and cool climate

Most of the Indian cities do not grant a favourable climate to the residents. However, Bangalore has always won people’s hearts with its cool and favourable climate. It is pleasant throughout the year.

6. Learn from the Art of Living

Bangalore is the base for the Art of Living Institute. This very institute brought a revolution in the field of mental and physical well-being. There are many centres where you can go for a quick rejuvenation of your body, spirit and mind.

7. Do not worry about power cut-offs

Bangalore is one of the cities that experiences the least power cut-offs compared to other major cities. You would not face any difficulty in the months of summer. A small trivia for you: Bangalore was the first Indian city to get electricity!

8. Favourable for the religious people

Bangalore is a host to the most number of churches, temples and mosques. No other major city is remotely close to Bangalore in this aspect. You must have heard about the ISKCON temple in Bangalore. It is a huge attraction amongst the tourist as well.

Thus, we see that Bangalore gives you many reasons to fall in love with it. To top it all, Bangaloreans are welcoming and friendly, making your stay even more desirable.