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Indulge in Budget Retail Therapy at Commercial Street Bangalore

Mar 12, 2018

Indulge in Budget Retail Therapy at Commercial Street Bangalore
Indulge in Budget Retail Therapy at Commercial Street Bangalore | Credit: Medium Website

Commercial Street is synonymous with shopping in Bangalore or Bengaluru as it is now known now as. Tourists, residents and visitors all visit this famous shopping street which has been in existence since the 18th century and which was the earliest shopping area much before malls existed. The popular shopping zone full of fascinating small lanes and bylanes is situated in central business area of the city near Brigade Road and the main M.G. Road. 

A visit to the metropolis is incomplete without visiting Commercial Street which is a shopping haven for local residents, tourists and visitors. The street with its narrow lanes and multiple stores offers everything from jewellery, clothing, eateries, sports goods, art, textiles and footwear among many other choices. The busy area teeming with shoppers, traffic and hawkers jostling for space is ideal for shopaholics and bargaining experts.

You have to be an expert at bargaining to gain maximum advantage when shopping on this street. This is street shopping at its best and the variety of merchandise is dazzling and mesmerizing. Spend a whole day wandering through the area and when you get hungry there are enough places to have a delicious snack on the go.

There are entire lanes that sell only footwear and if you want to pick up a cheap bargain it is the right place. From ethnic to trendy and chic readymade fashion, trinkets to bags, the captivating Commercial Street caters to all energetic and enthusiastic shoppers. If you have the time and stamina for hours of shopping and love to explore shops then this is definitely the shopping destination that will suit you. Women, especially, find Commercial Street to be the best place to shop for footwear, casual clothing, junk jewellery as well as silver jewellery, fashionable bags, party wear clothes, Indo Western outfits, bridal wear, saris and so on.

Remember These Rules

This budget retail therapy centre is a delightful and entertaining place if you set off early enough and are in control of your expenditure. Don’t accept the first price that is offered; bargain as much as you can! Especially if you truly set your heart on something. Another point to remember is that not many merchants here accept card payments so carry enough cash required for your shopping needs for the day.

Whenever an item appeals to you, don’t show too much enthusiasm till a bargain is struck. There are stores that sell items under a specified price and clothes can be altered according to fit by the store’s tailor if it is not an exact fit. The clothes may not be designer brands, but you can end up with something you will treasure over the years from this shopping zone in the heart of the city.

The buzzling shopping street offers mouth-watering delights for hungry shoppers such as cold coffee, bondas, samosas, grilled chicken, sweets and many other street foods.

Commercial Street the shopping street in Bengaluru with a historical background is a wonderful place to go for festive or normal shopping and seasoned shopaholics will never tire of wandering around in the thriving and buzzling commercial district.