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Most haunted places in Tamilnadu for ghost lovers

Jan 10, 2018

Most haunted places in Tamilnadu for ghost lovers
Most haunted places in Tamilnadu for ghost lovers | (http://blog.urbantreehomes.com)

Do you believe in ghosts?? Do you love to explore this topic and get involved in paranormal experiences?? Then this article is just for you..

Ghosts – Truth or Myth? There are certain beliefs around the world that the spirits of some people survive on earth after their death. If you want real evidence, you could explore many avenues. Here are some places considered as the most haunted places in Tamilnadu.


This is a small coastal area near Muttukadu. After the effect of tsunami in the year 2004 it is told that many people had died in this area and they remain as ghosts here. This is evident from the strange voices one hears and the paranormal experience one can feel when they are here.


The road is completely covered with a canopy of trees that prevents the sunlight from entering the street. This gives a spooky feeling while crossing this road. And the negative vibes felt while walking on this road is said to be recounted by many as the road has had too many incidents of suicides.


Normally the places considered as haunted places have some spooky stories and myths behind them. But this is something real. The house is haunted by the young girl who died in the house. The house is situated at Seward Road, Valmiki Nagar. If you would like to witness a real spirit, this would one of the places you would have to visit. You would experience strange noises, sobs, screams and paranormal activities, especially at the midnight.


The broken bridge between Santhome beach and the Elliots beach is a fantastic spot to have a good time with friends, a favorite spot for the directors for their movies and so on. But all these activities would end when it is dark. “Once the bridge collapsed in 1977, the movement through the place was minimized and it became a place for paranormal activity” an old man from the city said.


De Monte, a wealthy business man had lived here with his wife and it was not a happy life. He left the house in darkness after his death. The uncanny and mysterious activities that take place here in the night are often quoted by people and the place has evidences that show that the place is possessed by the members of the family.


The place which was known as Veerapan’s Kingdom once. It is believed to be filled with spookiness and paranormal activities after his death. You could explore if you expect some of that thrill in your life.


There is a house near Madurai station. People who have stayed or been nearby this house have heard eerie noises and have evidenced ghostly appearances which prove that this house is tormented. Try to spend one night at this haunted house to experience an unearthly feeling.


The guests of this particular hotel at Ooty had complained that they hear strange crying noises and of arrangement of furniture from the first floor but the fact is that there is no first floor in this building.


The two lane road at East Coast Road is a place where the riders and drivers had complained of sudden appearance of a girl. This has resulted in many accidents at that place. According to the local people there, the girl had died in a road accident at that place long ago and she haunts the riders there.


Normally, places which are considered as haunted would not have any evidence of that at daytime. The same is the case with this place. During the day, the place is full of people and normal activities but after sunset the place is believed to turn into a refuge for evil and restless spirits.