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Spend a Holiday in Masinagudi if You Love Nature and Wildlife

Apr 18, 2018

Spend a Holiday in Masinagudi if You Love Nature and Wildlife
Spend a Holiday in Masinagudi if You Love Nature and Wildlife | Credit: Booking

Enjoy your next holiday break and travel to Masinagudi an exotic and picture-perfect wildlife and nature destination in Tamil Nadu. When you need respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life take off to this hill station forest getaway near the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The scenically beautiful forest area attracts wildlife and nature enthusiasts with its verdant greenery and biodiversity. 

Masinagudi is accessible from Coimbatore which has the nearest airport or by road from different places such as Ooty, Mudumalai, or Pallakad and other places. Visitors can choose their accommodation at nearby resorts, rest houses or guest houses according to their budget by booking in advance. Make sure you visit this fascinating place during July to October or the winter months for the best climate and vistas of verdant greenery. Hire a private taxi as the place does not have any transport arrangements.

It is best to travel during the daytime to avoid herds of elephants and gaurs blocking your path. Masinagudi surrounded by thick forests derives its name from the Goddess Masaniamma and was the capital of Wayanad kingdom in earlier times. Official permission is required to visit certain places in this area such as Singara Power Station or the Moyar Dam.

Adventure travel enthusiasts can experience camping here which is organized by tour operating and travel companies. The excitement and thrill of being in a forest reserve which has hundreds of different species of birds, many wild animals and unspoilt.greenery is something that will always be remembered with pleasure.

Credit: Nature Conservation
Credit: Nature Conservation

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

The fascinating and important wildlife habitat is a protected area for wildlife and is a mix of undulating terrain, swamps and forests. There are tigers and many endangered species such as the Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, Gaur and elephants. There are many varieties of fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals as well as more than 200 varieties of birds existing in this wildlife reserve.

The wildlife habitat has several types of trees, creepers and foliage including semi-evergreen, evergreen and deciduous vegetation. There are several attractions for tourists visiting Masinagudi including;

Elephant Feeding Camp: You can observe captive elephants and their feeding habits

Mudumalai Museum: Learn about how early settlers lived in the forest

Pykara Lake: Visitors can travel to this lake and waterfall which is a picnic spot with beautiful greenery

Bandipur National Park: This protected area for wildlife is near Masinagudi and is a protected tiger reserve. Animal lovers can enjoy the prospect of spotting several wild animals if they go on a safari here. The animal sanctuary has hundreds of types of birds and visitors can also see panthers, elephants, spotted deer and monkeys.  

A brief holiday in Masinagudi offers nature lovers an enchanting and thrilling adventure holiday in the wild with jeep safaris, camping and jungle stay, trekking through forest trails and much more. Visitors can tour nearby attractions and spend an enjoyable vacation with family or friends here.