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The Greece of India - A small village of Himachal Pradesh

Mar 31, 2018

The Greece of India - A small village of Himachal Pradesh
The Greece of India - A small village of Himachal Pradesh | Credit: Daily Social

If you are thinking of travelling Greece some time soon, think again! There is a small village located in the banks of Kullu known as “Malana” village. There is a fascinating cultural belief of some residents here and that is a reason why it is called the little Greece of India. There are several principals and facts based on the ancient history of Malana. And, one of them is that the residents of this village are the successor of Greek soldier Alexander’s army. After the great Alexander left, some of the warriors took refuge in the village and settled there permanently. Moreover, Malana village is one of the oldest democracies in the world which has its fascinating origins from 326 BC.

Apart from its origin, this small village is famous for its Malana Cream which is the most special attraction for the tourists. What is so special about it? Well, it’s called Charas from the Parvati valley and it is of one of the finest qualities also. There is a famous saying about this place that once you have the Malana cream, it’s very hard to look elsewhere. There is a cannabis plant from where the Malana cream is extracted. Also, it has a property of being rain and wind resistant which further nourishes its quality. The place has now become a haven for investors.

Malana people are also known for their different cultural and religious beliefs. While the residents have an abiding faith in Lord Shiva, they also follow their Devta, Jamlu Rishi. It is said that the people of the Puranas once occupied the land and set the foundation of democracy and since then, a fully functional parliamentary system is working till now. There is one more thing very interesting about the two sublime peaks of Chandrakhanu and Deotibba and it is believed that their shadow on the primitive land guards their own culture. And, when you are in Malana, make sure you don’t touch any walls or personal possessions of the local residents, or you will end up paying a huge fine. They are very strict with personal property.They don’t even eat food that is made by a non-native. They have a special belief about their culture, religion and they abide by their rituals.

The list is endless and all these aspects about this place make it worth a visit. If you have a belief that you need to travel abroad to experience the beauty of nature, you are absolutely wrong! Himachal Pradesh is known to have some beautiful mountains and sceneries, and Malana is no exception either. The greenery, the summit, the culture will leave you with nothing but admiration. So, pack your bags and be ready to explore a different side of India.