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What's so special about Kumbakonam Degree Coffee

Feb 13, 2018

What's so special about Kumbakonam Degree Coffee
What's so special about Kumbakonam Degree Coffee

“Kumbakonam degree coffee’ is a familiar and a common name which comes to mind if you are a coffee lover. The brass vessel, aroma of the coffee and the pure milk are its specialities.

Coffee is the energy booster or a kickstarter for many of us in the morning. If it is available with extra flavour and taste, then it is really a special treat. Kumbakonam degree coffee is well known for its flavour and aroma. The name Kumbakonam is because of its origin from the town of Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu in South India.

But there are certain assumptions as of why it is called as degree coffee.

  1. The probable explanation is that the chicory which is added in the coffee is pronounced as tikeri and eventually became as degree coffee.
  2. The other reason is that milk certified as pure is called as degree milk and that the coffee made out of degree milk is called as degree coffee.
  3. The other assumption is that the first decoction is called as first degree and that is the origin of this name.

The coffee beans for the preparation of this coffee powder is mostly obtained from Arabica and Robusta. These coffee beans are mostly available in the hills of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

The brand name Kumbakonam degree coffee has come not only because of the above mentioned specialities. But, it is because of the exclusive method of process involved in the making of this coffee powder as well as the quality of milk being used in the preparation of coffee.

The quality of coffee powder used is very high where less amount of chicory is used in the preparation. The decoction is made primarily from selected coffee beans and chicory.

The percentage of coffee beans and chicory combination is 70:20. 100 gms of coffee beans is grinded into 80 gms of coffee powder which is termed as a good coffee bean. The milk used here for coffee is very pure without any adulterants and is heated up in the double boiler where it remains perfectly hot. The coffee is served in a dubra which shows the traditional way of coffee making and serving.

Even though we have Kumbakonam degree coffee available in most of the states, the real taste can be tasted only in the streets of Kumbakonam. If you are a real coffee lover you should visit Kumbakonam for just the sake of having coffee. The history of the coffee can be experienced with taste and you will no longer need any explanation.