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Smart tips to make a Smooth ride in your city's Metro?

Sep 19, 2018

Smart tips to make a Smooth ride in your city's Metro?
Smart tips to make a Smooth ride in your city's Metro? | Credit: Uitp India

If you are an office worker or a student in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, then it is important for you to travel with comfort and convenience as you have to travel the same route daily. However, the invention of city metros has made it easy to travel long distances every day. Still, many people are hesitant to ride the metro due to many reasons including confusions regarding roads, lack of information about the facilities and many other things. People are unaware of some delightful facts regarding this fast means of transportation and prefer to stay away from it. It is important to note here that, there is no better means of transportation than metro in these big crowded cities and one must use it. So, for those who are hesitant to ride a metro, here are few tips which will make your metro journey really memorable, safe and comfortable.

Credit: India Today
Credit: India Today

Metro smart card-

If you are going to travel daily by the metro, then it is important to buy metro smart card, especially in city like Delhi. This smart card ensures a hassle-free journey. You can recharge it with the amount suitable for your budget and need. It can be used multiple times depending on the amount available in the card and value of the journey. These smart cards save your time and efforts required for waiting in the long queues to get the token. You can also save the money as discounts are given on these smart cards.

Avoid busy hours-

Nobody wishes to travel when compartments are overcrowded. It can make you feel suffocated; you will not get the seat and will be pushed by other passengers. So, it is better to avoid travelling in busy hours. Normally, the rush hours are between 8 and 10 in the morning and 6 and 9 in the evening. If possible, try and start bit earlier from your place. If you be in the metro early, you will get a seat of your choice as well as fresh air to breathe.

Make friends-

Travelling long distance can be really boring. So, in order to make your journey a real fun, try to make friends in the journey. If nobody is available, then novel and music can be your best buddies. Reading and listening music can be the best time-pass activities. You can also keep on checking social media updates. The time will fly when you are immersed in all this. 

Credit: Thrilling Travel
Credit: Thrilling Travel

Don’t get down if metro gets stuck-

If your metro stops in between the journey, don’t get panic and get down of it. It can stop or slow down at few stations. That doesn’t mean, there is some problem with it or you will be stuck for hours. In the worst scenario, you will be late by 2–3 minutes. It is much better than being stuck in the road traffic jam for hours.

Check the final destinations of the metro-

It is not necessary that, standing on the right platform will take you exactly where you want to go. This is because every metro arriving at the platform need to reach more than ones destinations and it is announced in advance. So pay attention to the announcements.

Beware of crowd-

Metro stations are crowded places. You have to be aware about the large crowd coming towards you every now and then and hence, keep your belongings safely inside and take care of them.

Women compartments-

There are number of compartments reserved for the women only in order to provide the, safety and comfort. They can be sometimes heavily crowded, so have to keep cool at somebody asking you to shift a little even when there is no place to seat or somebody peeping into your mobile phone. 

The metro app-

To make your metro journeys smoother, you can download the metro app for your city metro. The app gives you information about route, timings and everything you need to know related to your journey. You can also recharge your smart card through the app.

Travel eateries-

Metro stations have provided us with snack eateries, so that we can buy snack items or coffee for the journey. You can take advantage of it.

Follow the rules-

There are certain rules you have to follow while you are waiting on the platform or travelling in the metro. Be aware of those rules and follow them strictly to avoid any fines.

If you compare metro with other public transports like buses, autos and taxis, you will realise that it is the safest of all options. So, follow the above tips and travel in metro.