Student hostels can be the new Oyo to students!
Student hostels can be the new Oyo to students! | Credit: Flight Network

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Student hostels can be the new Oyo to students!

Oct 15, 2018

Student life is the best time to travel as that time is the most formative in your life. Students are better observers and they can learn from the surroundings. Moreover, they have enough time and mental readiness to admire and explore the environment which will enable them to work for the betterment of the nature and environment in their future lives. You can only get more freedom in your student life to explore beautiful places in the Himalayas, learning wildlife in Jim Corbett National Park and trekking in Nainital without worrying about the office targets or business schedules but it can be hard to collect that amount of money for travelling as a student.

As we all have experienced and know that students find it difficult to save money; so here are some tips which can be followed by students to save some money and enjoy the trips to beautiful places.

Staying or lodging at the tourist places can cause more expenditure of money and money can be saved by getting a hostel facility because hotels and rooms are expensive. Many students don’t know that every tourist place has a hostel facility and the hostel facility is not just limited to schools and colleges. There are hostels available for travellers and rooms can be shared with others to make the stay cheaper.

Food is a necessity and is expensive at tourist places, so students can bring their own food as they do for their schools and colleges. Students can save money by bringing home-made snacks or food that can be instantly cooked by themselves such as cup noodles, maggi, etc.

Choosing public transport instead of your own car or bike would be much cheaper due to high price of petrol or diesel and even gas. If students are travelling with friends, then hiring a cab can be cheaper as the fare will be shared but public transport such as bus or train is even cheaper. It is difficult to comprehend new city routes and languages but that can easily be managed. Travelling in a public transport facility can also give students’ insight to the behaviour and nature of the local people and students can also gain better knowledge about the places worth visiting, delicious food and other activities that are carried on in the city by talking to the local people.

Public transport

Students can also save money by travelling in the offseason as it will get them cheaper rates for travelling, visiting the tourist places, eating local food and staying at tourist places. In addition, students will get more enjoyment because of lesser crowds, so they can avoid travelling during major holidays such as Holi or Diwali and also avoid peak season to get less crowd and discounted rates while visiting places, eating food, staying and travelling.

Research is an essential factor for a cost-effective and enjoyable journey because if students don’t know about the local places, fare of transportation, cost of local and popular food, markets, rental amount of hostels, rooms or hotels, etc. then they can easily go beyond their budget. So the students must do a thorough research about the cities they are going to visit and then plan a budget and start their journey. 

Students should always look for discounts for everything such as food, places to visit, places to stay, transportation and even anything they are going to buy from the shops, and they will be surely surprised by the discounts and deals.           

Students can enjoy travelling to the fullest and have a memorable experience for their future life. Doing this, they can learn about the beautiful nature that God has made and mould their lives with the help of positive learning.