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A Woman who Risked her Life to Save other - Salute to her Bravery!

Jun 08, 2018

A Woman who Risked her Life to Save other - Salute to her Bravery!
A Woman who Risked her Life to Save other - Salute to her Bravery! | Credit: Eeyuva

Sunita Thakur, a nurse by profession, is one of those strong women who have proven that they can do what even men can’t do.

Sunita Thakur from Chhattisgarh has been risking her life to treat her patients on the other side of Indravati river which is full of crocodiles and she has been doing this for the past 7 years. She is an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) who rows across this river on her makeshift boat to look after the health of pregnant women and newborns.

In these 7 years, her boat was attacked by the river crocodiles many times while she was crossing the river on her boat, but Sunita’s determination to attend her patients never let her scare from the situation. She had to walk 8–10 km to reach patient’s location after deboarding the boat at other side of the river.

Credit: Youtube
Credit: Youtube

The Dantewada area in Chhattisgarh is affected by Naxalite movement due to which there is poor access to healthcare facilities and Sunita is performing her duty for 7 years being accompanied by her friend.

They cross the river and the forest facing dangerous animals for the sake of the villagers. She used to get demotivated and scared for her own life after looking at these conditions but then she felt that villager’s life is more important than her own life.

The government can help Sunita by setting up medical camps in such areas with proper security and doctors should visit those regions and perform health checkups. Free medicines should be distributed in those areas and food should be supplied to avoid any diseases. Apart from this, shelter and other facilities necessary for living a healthy life should be provided in those areas. Safer ways of transportation should be built to reach those areas to avoid the risk to life. 

Sunita Thakur laid an example of bravery and dedication towards her work and courage to serve the humanity more than anything else that is inspiring to the whole world. Her selflessness is clearly displayed when she gave priority to the life of the villagers than her own life for which she deserves a reward.

Credit: HatindersinghR
Credit: HatindersinghR

We all see children on streets begging for money or selling small items wearing torn clothes and we ignore them with a thought that begging shouldn’t be encouraged. We don’t think about the location of these children, their way of making livelihood and purpose of begging. People living luxuriously and comfortably don’t realise the suffering and pain of the hungry people. We observe many people around us not having sufficient food to eat and begging but eating food and living a healthy life is the right of every human being. So we should take help from friends and like-minded organisations to feed them with food, assist them in getting necessary education so that they can work for themselves and lead a healthy life. Government should also help such people and organisations who show willingness to help others. This is one of the situations in which we need to take a courageous action to help these people like Sunita Thakur.

Likewise there are many situations we come across in our daily life where we need to take an initiative to assist others out of those situations such as providing education facilities to poor people, providing free medication to diseased people, providing food, shelter and support to elder people, providing financial and other help to orphans, providing assistance with all the facilities needed to people suffering from any natural calamity, an accident or attack due to violence in their areas. That is one such instance when an individual like Sunita Thakur appears to take hold of the situation and take it one step ahead to the betterment.