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Daring Cross-border Bike Road Trip by Four Hyderabadi Women

Apr 19, 2018

Daring Cross-border Bike Road Trip by Four Hyderabadi Women
Daring Cross-border Bike Road Trip by Four Hyderabadi Women | Credit: Travel Triangle

Indian women are breaking records and participating in activities that require courage and a daring attitude. They are proving their calibre and capability in areas where men dominated so far. Four women have set off on a courageous and enterprising road trip from Hyderabad on their motorbikes on a trip that spans nearly 17000 kilometres across the border from India to Myanmar.

The four women are Jai Bharati, Shilpa Balakrishnan, Piya Bahadur and ASD Shanti. These women bikers group have participated in several road trips earlier and are motorcycle riding enthusiasts and experts. The women set off on their massive excursion on Sunday from The Paryatak Bhavan in Hyderabad. Here they were flagged off ceremonially by friends, relatives and other bikers early in the morning at 7 A.M. 

The lady bikers belonging to the “Bikernis” group an all India women biker’s association that welcomes women of all ages and social backgrounds. Women bikers are growing from strength to strength across India and are fast becoming as common as women car drivers. There are several women-only biking clubs in the country which proves that women have entered this previously male monopolized domain. The four-women biker’s expedition is named “Road to Mekong” and the plan is to travel across the newly constructed India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral highway.

Their ride will take them from India to Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. These ladies have planned their bike road trip over the last eight months and all the formalities of getting authorized permissions took approximately three months. According to their observation in India, foreigners can easily go across the country on bikes without any formal authorization. But in the countries they are traveling to on the road trip, there was lots of prior permissions and paperwork to be completed. Their trip is being recorded by four crew, two back up vehicles and one member who will take care of the logistics.

The “Bikernis” plan to visit 19 UNESCO heritage sites in the seven countries they will journey through, to endorse adventure tourism in India. These women are gutsy and audacious as Jai Bharati and Shilpa have travelled alone in India on their bikes. Shanti is taking care of the safety factors for the team and Shilpa is the appointed road marshal for the trip. The group have been preparing through fitness workouts so that they are ready mentally and physically for the huge excursion.

They want to ensure the trip is time bound and scheduled to avoid the onset of monsoons in the North East on their return. The biker girls are very enthusiastic and charged about their road trip and they want to promote safe tourism prospects for women in India and educate people about India’s 1,15,000 kilometres highway. The expedition is expected to span 7 weeks and is going to be a memorable and record-breaking trip for the four women bikers.