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Dr Seema Rao: Aiming High with her Incredible Contributions

Apr 04, 2018

Dr Seema Rao: Aiming High with her Incredible Contributions
Dr Seema Rao: Aiming High with her Incredible Contributions | Credit: StarofMysore

"It’s not easy. It never is. But who likes it easy anyway. Bring it on!!"

Bold in her heart, fearless in her mind, with a smile clinging on her lips – Dr. Seema Rao is a hard nutshell to crack. Known as 'wonder woman' in her circle, she is an inspiration for Indian women, breaking the shackles of social norms and becoming a pioneer in her field of work.

Seema is a first doer in many aspects of work and life

She is India's first and only female Commando Trainer. Seema has developed a unique and modern method of close proximity combat exclusively for Indian forces and has trained 15,000 Indian soldiers that focuses on Close Quarter Battle (CQB). She has been training India's various Special Forces for two decades without any compensation.

She has over 26 years experience in martial arts training, is a PhD in the form and is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Military Martial Arts. She is also one of the only 10 women in the world certified in Jeet Kune Do (martial art form created by Bruce Lee in the 1960s) and the first woman instructor of the form. With her physical prowess she has excelled as combat shooting instructor, firefighter, scuba diver, HMI medalist in rock climbing, among others. She has acted and produced India’s First Mixed Martial Arts Movie Hathapayi focussed on real life combat and women empowerment. Seema has designed a program specially tailored for women called DARE (Defence Against Rape and Eve Teasing).

She has authored many books. A book for Indian forces Encyclopedia of Close Combat Ops, First Indian book on world terrorism A Comprehensive Analysis of World Terrorism, First book on Commando Manual of Unarmed Combat, Tao of Medicine, King Sperm, and many others.   

She has been conferred several awards and recognitions for her amazing contribution. Apart from being a popular face in military training, Seema was runners up in Mrs India World Beauty pageant and has been a face of publication like Femina, Savvy, New woman, Society, Vogue India, US mag V, and India Today amongst others. For her contribution to forces, training along with her husband Major Deepak Rao, she has been awarded three Army Chief Citation. She has also received World Peace Award at World Peace Congress in Malaysia and the US President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Seema has bravery and patriotism in her blood, being born to a freedom fighter father Professor Ramakant Sinari. She is a Doctor and has done MBA in crisis management, but serving her country has been her quest and commitment. She practices non-interventive healing methods and has helped people with alternative medicine.

What does the typical day look for Dr Seema Rao?

She trains 18 hours a day including skill and protocol training like combat training, shooting training, Close Quarter Battle and other exercises. "There are no limits; the limits are set in your head. You have to break the chords and reach your goal," she says.